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Written by: frinnyc on 2008-03-29

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frinnyc's review: I just got approved for the WaMu VISA platinum following my reply to a mailing.

Appli info:

Income: just above $100k
Credit scores at that time: TU: 683, EX: 703, EQ: 712
Requested transfer of 4 balances for a total of $6,000, including Corporate Cards
APPROVED ONLINE WITH $10,000 credit limit.

My credit history is quite short (1 year) as I moved to the US but have always paid on time and carried low balances as much as I could.

Note that I transferred balances from card that are not seen on my credit reports.

I will publish more info upon reception of the card.

Intro APR: 0% for 18 months on purchase; 11.99% on Balance Tr.
No balance transfer fees.
Free online FICO score (one reason I got the card)
Only 1% commission on purchase abroad (another strong reason why I chose this card, this compared to 3% comm. Most card issuers charge).

I hope to get the card in the mail within a week.



Comment 1 by meya
Heeeey Now! on 2008-03-30

That is real cool. Nice credit line also. Just have one question, how many good standing accounts did you have on your report when you transferred balances? Congrats on your approval, by all means, keep us posted on your overall use with the card.
Comment 2 by rivasglo
;) on 2008-03-31

That is ONE nice CL. I got approved for this online but only for $1500
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