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Written by: lyyssa01 on 2008-03-29

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lyyssa01's review: My mother has had this card for at least 8 years. Before she was the cc queen, and had a card with every bank. With USAA she found her true love, she canceled all her other cards (cards that she had 20+ years of history with) and only uses this one. The rewards are great, and she's raved about their customer service. I don't know her APR, but her cl is $35,000.

Next year, once my scores are where I want them to be, I'm going to apply for this card, and probably use it as my main card as well.

All that being said, anything USAA is topnotch.


Comment 1 by meya
Nice Limit on 2008-03-29

Ask mom is she treating Fg out to dinner tonight...:) I wish you luck on a future approval.
Comment 2 by lyyssa01
Yeah... on 2008-03-30

She's always been good with cc, debt and money mangament. I hope to reach that same financial nirvana in the near future. :)
Comment 3 by arod
Congrats on 2008-03-30

The best to you and your Mom

Good luck,

Comment 4 by armywifey
USAA on 2008-04-13

This Card is Elite. I love my USAA Mastercard the rewards are great and I would use take this card over any other card out there. The Customer Service Reps are awesome !!! The Credit limits are very good if you can become a member of USAA do it like yesterday..
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