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Written by: miguel8787 on 2008-03-28

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miguel8787's review: Callout Comment I got a pre approval offer in the mail but I don't know if I should apply ? All I'm worried about is not getting a decent credit line, ( at least 5000 ). My highest credit line is 11000. Does anyone know if chase starts you off with big credit lines ? How is their customer service ?


Comment 1 by eldarwen
Chase Cards User Icon on 2008-03-29

Remarks Chase cards can vary with interest rates and what the limit is. If you decide to apply, you won't know right away. You can always call Chase to ask if you have been approved or not. It is a platinum card and I don't know what your credit scores are. Your credit limit may be a little on the low side, but Chase cards can be good cards.
Comment 2 by dm
I'm Happy User Icon on 2008-03-29

Remarks I started out with a Chase Freedom Visa last June with a low limit. Received on CLI in November. I use the card for everything (to get the cash rewards) and PIF. Applied last month for another Chase card, received a 7-10 day message so I called underwriting and answered a few questions. CSR came back with a 5K limit. Their interest rates can be high, but they will drop it as the Fed Reserve lowers rates. I'm loving Chase.
Comment 3 by eldarwen
My Chase Card User Icon on 2008-03-29

Remarks I have had the Freedom card for about 8 months and have had the same CL of $5,000. I have the Amazon.com card with them and have a $1,000 CL. But I only have had this card for about a month.
Comment 4 by rivasglo
Depends User Icon on 2008-03-29

Remarks It all depends on your scores. The APR's can b high tho...

I have the Flexible Rewards card that started at $500 and a year later sits at $1300 w/ 20.24% APR. This month I applied for their Freedom card and got approved at $5500 w/ 9.99% APR.

Ive never had a problem with them, only when requested a CLI on the Flexible Rewards card, theyre a little stingy.
Comment 5 by eldarwen
Maybe User Icon on 2008-03-30

Remarks I think maybe they looked and saw that I applied for three cards in a three month period and started me with a low line of credit because of that. Maybe in a few months I will see a credit limit increase.
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