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Written by: debtor00 on 2008-03-28

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debtor00's review: I have not tried any of these so I'm not sure how well they work, but I had such great success with the backdoor number you wonderful people gave me for cap 1 ( got 500 more on a cap 1 card I'd only had a month in addition to the 4000 that you guys put me on to before) that I dug up some more. I'll keep you posted if I find anymore.

Juniper 1-302-622-8990

Orchard 1-888-385-8916

Hooters 1-801-545-6705

Again, I have no idea if they work, but I'm gonna give them a try when I get off work. They were listed in a list with that magic cap 1 number, and many of us know that one to be the truth so maybe they'll work as well! Pleas share your good and bad stories. They help us all!!


Comment 1 by hjm331
RE: Debtor on 2008-03-28

Good info! Although, I heard all 3 of these companies are super stingy when it comes to CLI's. It's definitely worth a try though! Keep us posted!
Comment 2 by trayce1519
ORCHARD SUCKS on 2008-03-29

No matter what number you get for orchard they are the worse in giving CLI's. I have had my card for a year and decided to cancel it because they are not helping me in my growth of credit. They have suggested that they will only be giving increases ONCE a year.
Comment 3 by meya
Re: Debtor00 on 2008-03-29

That is not a good back door number for juniper, they closed my account just for a simple demand... Lol.
Comment 4 by meya
Re: Debtor00 on 2008-03-29

That is not a good back door number for juniper, they closed my account just for a simple demand... Lol. I got it back active though.
Comment 5 by trayce1519
HOOTERS And ORCHARD on 2008-04-03

I called the number listed to see if you can request or do they periodically review and guess what you CAN'T request an increase with hooters. They will review your account and if you meet their standards than they will issue you a higher limit then. So hooters is a no-go.

Now on to these loser... Orchard bank... They will NOT give any increases. According to there credit department increases are done on a yearly basis now. I said that sucks for the customer that pay on time, in full or more than the min due we have to suffer because you are in financial turmoil. I said that sucks but it's okay because I will not use you again. Cause my capitol one is WONDERFUL.
Comment 6 by lulu1980

Can anyone please tell me if I was approved or not???

I applied for this card about a month ago b/c I am an AU on my husbands card and they are really good- customer service-everything, and I was denied.

THEN, about 2-3 weeks ago I got an offer saying, and I quote:

"We've recently reviewed your credit information and have designed an offer we believe is the right one for you... Right now. Get this Capital One Mastercard with:

*0% APR on purchases until May 2009

*$0 Fraud Liability if your card is ever lost or stolen

*Platinum Bennifits

Plus, take advantage of an automatic credit line increase- just use your card within 90 days, stay within your credit line and make your first three minimum payments on time."

Soo... What does that mean??? I have called the back door number for like, the past week and it still says "it's still under review" and that I should know something "no later than May 30th".

Even a real live person told me that. So, have I been declined????

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