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Written by: debtor00 on 2008-03-26

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debtor00's review: Callout Comment I got declined for this card back in September, and expected the same outcome when I reapplied in January and got the 7-10 day spiel.

Well, it surprised me in the mail about a week later, so I went biserk and applied for all kinds of my favorite mall store cards with wfnnb as their card issuer. I got a huge haul. Now the plan is to keep utilization low, keep available credit high and let the zillions of inquiries I just got fall off... Letting the inquiries fall off is the hard part!!!

I got so many cards in the mail through wfnnb that they froze them before I even used them cause it looked suspicious!! I can definitely understand that! Well, I got that straightened out by faxing dl and ss card. I spent the past 3 months charging and paying in full to keep utilization low (but I couldn't resist the urge to pick up a couple of new cards along the way lol) Now I just need to practice some self control on these inquiries so that my credit rating can continue to rise!!! Thank you all for all your advise. It really, really has helped me. Today I got a used car loan at 8% I know that's not the best rate out there, but for me its fantastic. Thank you guys, your the best, if I learn anything to throw into the pot to help, I will!!!


Comment 1 by lyyssa01
Yes... User Icon on 2008-03-26

Remarks I can relate, I've been known to go on mass application sprees. And after receiving 5 new cards this year no more cards for me for a while! I'm waiting for my inquiries to fall off, account to age, and then Amex here I come!

On my last credit inquiry it dropped my score 5 points. :( The nice thing is inquiries stop affecting your score fairly quickly.
Comment 2 by meya
A Cure User Icon on 2008-03-26

Remarks Just enorll in the credit card addict club, we will help you!
Comment 3 by hjm331
Wow User Icon on 2008-03-26

Remarks It's amazing to see all of these companies have credit cards. Even Burger King has one! Lol I don't think I want to have a credit card just to charge a whopper on there! Besides, what's the CL gonna be? $25? Lol
Comment 4 by debtor00
How Do I Enroll? User Icon on 2008-03-26

Remarks How do I enroll in the cc addict club. I need an intervention.
Comment 5 by lyyssa01
Meya... User Icon on 2008-03-26

Remarks I need enrolling, too. It took all my willpower and reason to keep me from applying for a Bank of America today.
Comment 6 by meya
Go To Your Message Box User Icon on 2008-03-26

Remarks I sent you an invite!
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