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Written by: crirep2 on 2008-03-20

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crirep2's review: Callout Comment Okay I applied at Jcp.com and was approved for a $200 credit limit. I currently had at the time an account with Care Credit/GEMB which is the same "bank" that JCP uses so I figured I might be able to munipulate the other one based off the limit.

I called because $200 is the lowest limit I have ever been approved for, I was insulted really. They basically said to prevent online credit card fraud/identity theft. Someone opening an account in someone else's name... They only approved it for $200.

They immediately increased it after I called and confirmed who I was and my identity info... They raised it to $2,000.

I used the account about every 4 months on a purchase of about 200-300 dollars. My balance at one time was $713. About 5 months later they automatically increased it to $2,300.

Here is what I did. I used GEMB who finances both my care credit account and my pennys account, I used them against one another. So when one would increase the limit, I would request the same amount increased to with the other one.

Any department store cards I would recommend using at least once every 4 months or so to maintain activity so they do not close it and may give you limit increases automatically. It will increase your chances for them raising the limit if you use it.

The interest is high yes, but credit is a game and it costs money to play the game. So far I am winning their little game. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


Comment 1 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-03-20

Remarks Yes opening an account online is entirely differnt in-store. In-store, they have verifiable infor in their hands while online does not. I am happy to hear of your cli's with GEMB, and I wish you many more. One question, is the Credit Care account just like HC credit? I have HC credit through them bu they sold my account over to citbank. I was madder than two-pit-bulls-in-heat.
Comment 2 by crirep2
I Think So User Icon on 2008-03-20

Remarks Yeah I think it is the same concept but I am pretty sure it is not the same company.


It is a good deal. Finance globe does not list it on their site! :0 oh my! A new one to ask to be added... If carecredit will allow it. :
Comment 3 by lyyssa
CLI User Icon on 2008-03-21

Remarks I applied for a card online a month ago and also got the $200. When I called and asked them about the cli they said I had to go into the store and purchase something within the first 72 hours to get it. But since I didn't use it (and still haven't) I'm stuck at $200 for the next 3 months. >:( Whatever!! Ahh well, I'll just use it and build a relationship, I need some new shoes anyway.

But dh has had a card with them for about 2 years. They increased his credit once, from 500-700. Tonight I signed him up for JCP online account services, and hit the luv button. Immediate $1800 increase! XD

JCP stays in my good graces.
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