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Written by: sethatco on 2008-03-19

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sethatco's review: These folks take their cards very seriously. I applied online was given a number to call into. Had to answer 4 questions based on information from my credit report. Was given a 500 limit. Went to the store showed my ID and a Citibank credit card who handles this card for Bloomindales and was then given a 4500 CLI. I have respect these days for companies who look to protect themselves as well as the consumer considering there is still a 7 series BMW bought in KY under my name but the car is nowhere to be found. If you work with them, they will work with you.


Comment 1 by wildrage2
Bloomingdales on 2008-03-19

Lol... Did I start some kind of Bloomingdale's rush or something? When I researched the card barely anyone had a review on it, and now there's 3 in a row!

Based on my experience, it's a relatively easy card to get, and my CL was twice as much as Macy's (I guess since the stuff there costs twice as much!).
Comment 2 by sethatco
The Bloomies Rush on 2008-03-19

No I had the card a few years ago, gave it up because I moved out of the country and didn't see a need for it, but recently found myself shopping there again so opened a new account.
Comment 3 by rockin35
Good To Hear on 2008-04-12

Thats great to hear that Bloomingdales takes a strong stance on consumer crediting and cutting down on fraud. THats excellent. I am a former employee of FDS (Federated Department Stores-Macys) and we take Bloomingdales cards all the time, here in Memphis TN, we require a photo ID or we put them through to the Credit Department. Thats good to hear... Sheila
Comment 4 by joearg29
Re: Bloomies And A Fraud Alert on 2010-08-11

They approved me Instantly with a 900 CL with a F/A on my EXperian file, I HATE THIS CARD. Closing it on the 21st of this month, waste of space, rude CSR, just plain TERRIBLE, interest at 24% though I don't carry or use the card at all. Sockdrawer soon to be cut up drawer.
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