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Written by: wildrage2 on 2008-03-17

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wildrage2's review: Approved instantly online for a $400 CL. Scores at the time was 570/565/565.

Was instantly told my CC# to make purchases immediately. You have to call to get your limit, though.


Comment 1 by arod
This Card Is Good on 2008-03-17

I heard it will raise your FICO score fast but you have to keep it active..

buying something small like every month only problem is that I went to this store located in NYC 60th street and there merchandise is expensive.

But good luck this is a start in building good credit.

take care,

Comment 2 by wildrage2
Expensive on 2008-03-17

Yeah, I know... The NYC store is very expensive. The stores in NJ are also expensive, but they always have sales. I don't mind buying $150 jeans if they are 75% off (haha).

So that makes 2 Citi cards for me. Its strange because 6 months ago I applied for a Citi secured card and they sent me my money back and said that I was denied... Go figure.
Comment 3 by meya
Congrats on 2008-03-17

OH yes this store is ver expensive. They just put one in San Francisco a little over a year ago, and I must say that their store will not receive any of my income unless it says 90% off... Lol. Anohter thing, I am not too found of their service, they are stuck up and... Nah I wont got there.
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