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Written by: marym on 2008-03-13

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marym's review: Callout Comment Got a pre-app in the mail for this. Credit limit was $750 and 0 apr for 6 months. 9.9 percent after. No AF.

My scores are low 600's and I have a 3 year old BK


Comment 1 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-03-13

Remarks I don't think I have seen this card before, Hummmm, they slap one new on ya all the time... Lol. Congrats on your overall usage on the card and wish you all the best future experiences with it.

Did you have any baddies besides bk before applying for it?
Comment 2 by marym
Baddies User Icon on 2008-03-13

Remarks I had 3 old medical bills that were included in BK that were listed as a open account. 1 was just deleted. I also had a credit card account from 2002 that was a paid charge off.
Comment 3 by arod
Congrats User Icon on 2008-03-14

Remarks This card is pretty good I have this card.

it has a low apr. And In my case no annual fee.

congrats again they give a good credit line increase in you pay on time for 3 to 6 months

congrats again,

Comment 4 by arod
Let Me Correct This. User Icon on 2008-03-14

Remarks I mean this card has no annual fee..
Comment 5 by adam
Anyone Have A Secret... User Icon on 2008-05-10

Remarks Anyone have a secret backdoor number to call to get a CLI? These guys are stingy! I pay at least a week early every month and I pay it in full. I have two cards with them, one a $300 limit w/ 10.99% interest and another with a $500 limit w/ 18.99 % interest. Just wondering if anyone had any luck with this bank in the way of CLI's. Also, I don't see the card on this site that I have with the 10.99% rate. It's a World Travelers of America MC. Check it out at www.Worldtravelersofamerica. Org On that web site they show my exact card but it is showing offered by Bank of America. Mine is definitely with HSBC. It's a great card other then the CL. When you have one your have free access for the "members only" portion of the site offering all kinds of discounts on travel, vacations, hotels, and much more. I got the pre app in the mail a few moths ago.
Comment 6 by marym
CLI ?? User Icon on 2008-09-10

Remarks I called to see if I could get an increase on my card. They wanted to charge me 60.00 for an increase of 200.00!!! Of course I said no. I think I made a mistake of thinking that this card would be good.
Comment 7 by hjm331
RE: MaryM User Icon on 2008-09-10

Remarks Just keep making your payments on-time and keep your account in good standing while they keep reporting to the CRA's monthly and that will open up doors to better cards before you know it.
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