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Written by: rivasglo on 2008-03-12

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rivasglo's review: Callout Comment I called Chase regarding my checking account, only to request a debit card for my fiancee and I get off the line with a new credit card!

I currently have a Chase Flexible Rewards, CL of $1,300.00 and 20.99% apr, yea it sucks. Good thing I have a ZERO balance ;) Which I've never missed a pymt on but still refuse to give me a CLI, so I gave up on the card.

So the CSR goes on to tell me, how she has a great deal for me, that the system has a pre-approval offer for a cc with a higher limit and lower apr...0% APR for 6 months on purchases and balance xfers. After the 6 months, 9.99% apr. No annual fee and Rewards.

So, I said yes after a few Q&A and got instantly approved on the phone for a CL of $5,500.00!!!

Im still in awe because this is now my highest CL card and lowest apr. I feel like I have accomplished something since I barely started building my credit on 01/2007, my first card BTW was the Chase Flexible Rewards ;)

... And my FICO scores are...
EQ: 677
EXP: IDK (I will check my records and post later)
TU: 661


Comment 1 by eldarwen
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-03-13

Remarks Confrats on the new card! I really like the Freedom card. They do seem to give generous credit limits.
Comment 2 by bramford
WOW!!! User Icon on 2008-03-13

Remarks I have applied for a Chase card several times, but I was turned down and denied every time. I am at the in which I do not even bother to apply for their card or any card associated with chase. By the way, how is their customer service? I have heard a lot of bad stories about them. Anyway, congratulations and good luck.
Comment 3 by eldarwen
Customer Service User Icon on 2008-03-13

Remarks The customer service is good. When I needed to do a balance transfer or activate my card, they were nice and polite and were native speakers. The ones that are not are the ones calling me (in broken English) to sign up for another credit card. For me, the four I have is enough.
Comment 4 by hjm331
Chase CS User Icon on 2008-03-13

Remarks Is Chase's CS outsourced?
Comment 5 by markrivers
Yes It Is Outsourced User Icon on 2008-03-13

Remarks Yup
Comment 6 by rivasglo
Chase CS User Icon on 2008-03-13

Remarks I spoke with an american lady but I had originally called regarding my checking account so maybe the CC dept. Is different.

I agree with *eldarwen* about the CS. The times I've spoken w/ them, I've never had a problem. They are nice and helpful.

I thought I was gonna get turned down becuz I do have a lot of inquiries and I had previously applied for this card on 10/2007 and got denied -- direct from the letter of denial -- "You already have the maximun amount of credit we can offer you" -- I wonder what made them change their minds???!!!
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