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Written by: lee on 2006-12-16

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lee's review: They charged me a late fee. I checked the date I mailed the payment, and it was ten days before the due date. I called them on the phone to ask why I was charged a late fee, when I had sent the payment ten days before the due date. The apparently young gentleman on the other end of the line seems to have had some kind of attitude problem, and I was told Chase did not have any control over the U. S. Postal Service, that they received the payment late, and therefore I would have to pay the late fee. The next statement I received, they had charged me $ 1.00 interest on the late fee, and my interest rate had gone up to 148 %. Repeat, 148 %. I didn't think I wanted a Chase card after that, so I canceled the credit card account. Then, after checking my credit score, it seems Chase caused my credit rating to go down quite a bit, from nothing I had done, but from errors that Chase had made. So, THAT is why I would not recommend a Chase Platinum card to anyone.

I would be more than happy to send anyone a certified copy of the statement showing the 148 %
interest rate.

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