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Written by: dcw1688 on 2008-03-03

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dcw1688's review: Callout Comment I applied and was instantly approved: Congratulations! Your application has been approved.

You have been approved with a credit limit of $5750


Comment 1 by hjm331
Wow User Icon on 2008-03-03

Remarks Nice limit, enjoy!
Comment 2 by trinity3
Credit Line User Icon on 2008-03-03

Remarks Nice CL. If you do not mind me asking, what was your credit score and the status of your reports at present?
Comment 3 by arod
Congrats Great Credit Line. User Icon on 2008-03-03

Remarks Right now this is my favorite bank

They work with you...

Take care,

Comment 4 by meya
Get Out Of Here! User Icon on 2008-03-04

Remarks You go, with your bad self. I am so happy for you. Ok credit addicts, turn your head the other way, I am officially in here watching you!

Congrats on the approval, and what ever you do, keep us posted on your overall experience with the card.
Comment 5 by dcw1688
Good User Icon on 2008-03-04

Remarks My credit score is 650
Comment 6 by sethatco
HSBC Is A Joke User Icon on 2008-03-13

Remarks By far the most useless cards on the planet. I have a regular HSBC MC, Reward Zone MC, Best Buy store card, along with several store cards from them. In 2 years of dealing with them for credit cards and banking with them. NOT 1 credit limit increase when Chase, Amex, Citi all gave limits of 5 to 12 grand. It amazes me at how these idiots determine credit limits.

TU: 695


Comment 7 by yoyo11
How Many Cards? User Icon on 2008-04-04

Remarks Can you have with HSBC... And/or orchard... I currently have two with Orchard Bank but preapproved w/HSBC... Before I have a hard hit on credit... Can I Qualify even if I have two cards?

wondering could I get one with HSBC only
Comment 8 by ttiger50
HSBC Multiple Cards User Icon on 2008-05-20

Remarks I applied and also was approved instantly - $2500.00 CL. I was not aware that Orchard is also HSBC... I have a $500 CL with them. Also I am an additional cardholder on my wifes BestBuy card..2000 CL there..1000 available. To my surprise, I was also approved for a HSBC Discover card which I was defaulted to after Discover declined me for their primary card... Just keeps getting better and better. HSBC is a major player and their customer service is OUTSTANDING...
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