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Written by: sheryll on 2006-12-08

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sheryll's review: Callout Comment Even though this web site suggests an almost perfect credit record or a FICO of 779 to apply for this card, I took my changes because I really wanted a Discover card. A few friends have one and say the customer service is excellent. I applied for this card a week ago with a FICO score of 677 and was approved immediately (I received my card today) and was also given a very generous credit limit (Well above 7K). I do not have any recent late charges in my credit report, but I have had some issues in the past (about 2 years ago) (three 30, 2 60 and 1 90 day late pays). No charge offs/never bankrupt.

My interest rate is at least 6% lower than any of my other cards and they offered me 0% balance transfers until 2/08.

This combined with NO ANNUAL FEES and CASH BACK BONUSES (which are great if you shop a lot like me)this card is a no brainer.

If this card is as good as it seems, I will most likely never use my other cards again.

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