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Written by: defserv on 2008-03-01

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defserv's review: Callout Comment Applied and was instantly Approved... Which was a shocker..

I received a CL of 1000$. 80$ A/F but not until your second year. Scores in the low 600's... I have already activated and let me tell you... I am scared to use it with all that is going on with AMEX lately... I will probably charge no more than 40$ per month and PIF until all of this passes.


Comment 1 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-03-02

Remarks One question, did you have any baddies when you applied? A lot of people including myself will like to know. Again, congrats!
Comment 2 by defserv
-)) User Icon on 2008-03-02

Remarks Well, they pulled exp. Which shows 2 late payments. But no bads. I have 1 bad on TU... And TU only.
Comment 3 by markrivers
Platinum Delta User Icon on 2008-03-02

Remarks I wish I applied for this one..

i went with the skydelta and the Annual fee is $135.

oh well..

my Experian is in the 600ish as well but I'm sure it's not over 650
Comment 4 by arod
This Card Is Good User Icon on 2008-03-04

Remarks I have this card.

I like there rewards is great and they payments are low also interest is low too.

Now annual fee is high $85 I heard it went up to $135

but its a great card... I have to say this card is one of my favorite.

Good luck,

Comment 5 by debtor00
Another Amex For Team FG! User Icon on 2008-04-02

Remarks Thanks for telling me which one's I had the best shot at guys. I hope this was not an April Fool's Joke but I was approved!!!
Comment 6 by arod
Amex The Best User Icon on 2008-04-02

Remarks Good luck on your approval I have this card and its excellent

Take care,

Comment 7 by debtor00
Thanks User Icon on 2008-04-02

Remarks I eeked out an approval by the skin of my teeth at $1000, and my fiance blew it out of the water with a $7000 approval!! No excuse not to go on a romantic get away!!! Plenty of sky miles and credit!!! (just kidding, must always keep utilization as low as possible!!)
Comment 8 by hjm331
Congrats User Icon on 2008-04-02

Remarks I have this card also. Hope you enjoy it, keep us posted on the credit limit.
Comment 9 by meya
Congrats Again User Icon on 2008-04-02

Remarks I am so so so... Booo-hooooo! I want a amex... Lol. Keep us posted on your overall use with the card.
Comment 10 by lyyssa01
WTG!!! User Icon on 2008-04-02

Remarks Congratulations!!! You're Amex approvals are making me want one now, lol. But I'll wait... Must... Hold out... Until the end of the year...

Or the summer, at least...:p
Comment 11 by tynece
Amex User Icon on 2008-05-12

Remarks I want to apply but right now my experian is showing 15 inquires. how many did you have when you applied? Defserv and meya?
Comment 12 by hjm331
RE: Tynece User Icon on 2008-05-12

Remarks I had more than 20 inquiries and with 8 months of credit history. (I'm 19)
Comment 13 by hjm331
My Limit User Icon on 2008-05-12

Remarks They approved me for $1k
Comment 14 by meya
Re Tynece User Icon on 2008-05-12

Remarks Haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa good question. I had about 35-40 on exp. I am down to 26 or 25 with them and I WILL NOT try it with those many... Lol. How many new accounts do you have, and what is your current utilization? They will use that in considering. Good luck!
Comment 15 by tynece
New Accounts User Icon on 2008-05-13

Remarks I just opened a cap 1, HSBC, and 2 Citicards so that would be 4 new accounts. The balances are

about 32% utilization
Comment 16 by dorrian
Which Card? User Icon on 2008-05-14

Remarks Hi, I want to get a rewards card and I hear that American Express has the best. I am unsure which to apply for and when. I am looking at the American Express blue card and the AE Delta SkyMiles card.

Currently my scores are as follows:

EQ: 683

EXP: 733

TU: 736

I have 4 ccards and have paid all of them off except one which has $1,800 on a $11,400 CL.

I have one deliquency on EQ and EXP for Oct. '06 (which was my old Apartments fault but I can't get it changed), this doesn't show up on TU.

Besides that I think it is fine. My credit report hasn't been updated since Feb '08 so it is old. It says negatives for me using over 25% of my CL. But I have lowered that significantly.

I just want to know if I have a chance and for which one or both (I want the miles, but the blue has a promotion of 15 months w/no apr, or if I should wait. Thanks! :)
Comment 17 by hjm331
RE: Dorrian User Icon on 2008-05-14

Remarks AMEX is acting a little crazy right now with their CLD's and FR's. The only AMEX card that gives you a good rewards program is the Blue Cash card. You scores look like you definitely have a shot at that. But I'd prefer applying for the BofA Americard Visa which gives you 1.5 pts for every dollar spent on all purchases. That's the best in the business right now. CitI will probably end up matching it sooner or later.
Comment 18 by meya
Re: Dorrian User Icon on 2008-05-14

Remarks Follow this link to answer a few questions at AMEX site to see which card is better for you.

http://www201. Americanexpress.com/apply/Fmacfservlet? Csi=0/22/b/6/0/277053816132/22/n&from=1&us_nu=dd

Hope this helps!
Comment 19 by arod
QUESTION TO ALL User Icon on 2008-05-17

Remarks Does any body knows how many American Express Card a person can have..

I have Two : Delta Sky Mile with a credit line of $3000 --Apr 14%

: American Express Gold / no preset credit limit

Reason why I ask next year I'm thinking about Blue from American Express

Please provide any info. On blue also if you have more than 2 cards Thank you so much guys,

Comment 20 by rockin35
No Limit User Icon on 2008-05-17

Remarks According to my second American Express(blue) offer, I already had the Student Blue Card, the gentleman on the phone that approved me, stated as long as you are in satisfactory history with payments in good standing with AM. Ex, no tax liens, charge offs, all the standard requirements, there is no limit.

Comment 21 by hjm331
RE: Rockin35 User Icon on 2008-05-17

Remarks Yeah, you're right. ARod, I suggest that you convert one of your cards instead of applying for another one. AMEX is full of headaches right now with their CLD's and FR's so the less AMEX cards you have, the less problems you will have. Plus, if you covert, there will be no hard inquiry and they will base their decision on your payment history, not on your report. Good Luck
Comment 22 by rockin35
Keep The Delta Sky AM.Ex User Icon on 2008-05-17

Remarks If I were you, the Delta Sky American Express appears to be in such huge demand and a lot of people want this card but cant get it. I have the Blue from American express, not that much difference from my Blue Student card. The card you have should give you the maximum amount of benefits!! Dont waste the inquiry

I hope this helps. Rockin35!
Comment 23 by arod
Thank You To All User Icon on 2008-05-17

Remarks All this info does help and thanks to all..


Comment 24 by arod
I AGREE ... User Icon on 2008-05-17

Remarks I will stay with delta sky miles.

I wont apply or anything I mean this card is great... But what I like about blue is there no annual fee..

But I will take your advise guys


Comment 25 by dorrian
Approved! User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks Hello guys,

I went ahead and decided to applied over the phone for the Gold Delta Skymiles card and I was approved with a CL of $35,000. I was definately surprised. I have good credit, but I didn't think my CL would be that high. Now I am wondering if I should have applied for one of their other cards...

It probably helped that I don't apply for credit that often, once within the last year when I bought a new car. So stick in there and be responsible. Don't apply for anything you don't need!
Comment 26 by hjm331
RE: Dorrian User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks Did you mean $3,500? LOL

I was approved for this card but denied for their Blue and Clear cards. This is the easiest AMEX card to get approved for.

But congrats on the approval, hope you enjoy your new card!

Good Luck
Comment 27 by dorrian
Yes, You Read Correct, $35,000 User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks I was approved for $35,000. I had her repeat it on the phone. I can't believe that, I mean, I guess I could have gotten another card, my credit report says my CR is excellent.

My salary might have played a factor in it, and the fact that I haven't applied for a cc in over 4 years.
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