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Written by: fco123 on 2008-02-28

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fco123's review: Callout Comment Hey guys just a question? My FICO is at 631. I got a pre-approval letter in the mail two times. I'm contemplating applying. I don't want to apply and not get approved. Sometimes they send you a pre-approval letter but don't approve you anyways. Someone have previous experience with this issue?


Comment 1 by hjm331
Sorry But Don't Apply User Icon on 2008-02-28

Remarks If you want a good shot at Chase, your FICO's have to be at least ovr 700 and that's just to be considered for approval.
Comment 2 by arod
I Don't Recommend It . User Icon on 2008-02-28

Remarks I had this card a while ago They gave a $400 credit line and a APR. 23 also annual fee $39.00 well I used it for 2 month then I closed it..

I'm sorry But I don't like Chase.

But Goodluck to you..

Comment 3 by frances
To Apply User Icon on 2008-02-28

Remarks I really don't understand it, but I am feeling that cardholders with sub-prime credit do not like Chase. I feel that even with the higher rates, they're better than most cards out there. After establishing a rep with them, I would expect negotiation powers.

To me, this bank stands up to the better 75%+. I have a good credit rating, and have good rates with them. I think that they just calculate their risk, and when it's high, they charge you for it to protect them.
Comment 4 by ash
Trick Question User Icon on 2008-02-28

Remarks If they sent you a pre-approval I think they've already done a softpull. Maybey you have a good chance! That is pre-app not invitation to apply. Totally different.

Second as far as the score factor it depends. On myFICO it list chase under fair credit with scores up to 660, but it depends on varying factors like payment history, clean record etc. Users have reported getting approved with scores at 640 and they pull equifax so double check your FICOs. If you don't have too many inquiries take a chance and report back here under card status to confim. Also for more info google search (chase + FICO scores) and see what info you come up with.
Comment 5 by arod
Frances User Icon on 2008-02-28

Remarks I think you like Chase and that ok but if you read people problem with chase overlimit fees, annual fee, High APR.

Chase is really for people with excellent credit or for Buisness because they have been the worst bank for me.

Not only with there credit card but also with there checking.

In my work place there are like 600 employee and they offer free chase or Citibank.

Most of the people that were with chase have switch to Citibank and all because of there fee's

I wont say this applies to all.

If chase is good to you stay with them.

But Me and chase NEVER !!!


Comment 6 by meya
Hummm User Icon on 2008-02-28

Remarks Well, I say give it a try only if:

1. You do not have many inq

2. Not too many new accounts

3. No delinqency or derogs

4. No Public Records

5. No Bk's

6. No late payments

If you meet them all then you should not have a problem.
Comment 7 by markrivers
Credit Limit Increase User Icon on 2008-02-29

Remarks One thing I hate with chase is that it's so hard to request for a CLI... I've never been late, never maxed out my card with them but I've been denied a CLI twice already.
Comment 8 by terrilynn
Apply For The Speedway Card User Icon on 2008-09-10

Remarks I have a credit score of 634, but I also have an unpaid phone bill of $732 on my credit report, and I applied for the chase speedway platinum MasterCard because if you have a speedy rewards card it has benefits. I got approved for $1,700, so I think if you apply you will probably get approved. Plus it's 0% interest for the 1st 6 months
Comment 9 by rabbit713
You Will Be Approved! User Icon on 2009-05-21

Remarks Most likely you will be approved, but might start you off with a low limit, they started me with a $200 credit limit, then like in 6 months they boosted me up to $700, I've had the card since 2004 and haven't got another cli since. Go figure?... Every1 of my other credit cards I get automatic credit limit increases,., but its up to you to apply for it.
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