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Written by: eldarwen on 2008-02-22

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eldarwen's review: I think this is a decent card to use. I like the rewards program on it. I am a little less thrilled with the 17% interest rate on the thing. I can enjoy the fact that I can pay my bill online and it is not a problem. Especially if you bank with Chase as well. I love the fact that when you get the bill, you can see everything clearly.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Pending Charges on 2008-02-22

Do they show pending charges when you log onto your account online?
Comment 2 by rivasglo
Pending Charges... on 2008-02-23

I have the Flexible Rewards Visa from Chase... And Im able to see the TOTAL AMT that's pending but not the VENDOR like a debit card does...
Comment 3 by hjm331
HSBC And BofA on 2008-02-23

Do you have any HSBC or Bank of America credit cards? If you do, you'll know what I mean.
Comment 4 by eldarwen
Pending Stuff on 2008-02-23

I usually can see my pending transactions when I log on to Chase. Which is nice.
Comment 5 by hjm331
RE: Eldarwen on 2008-02-23

When you take a look at the pending charges, does it show who's charging you for that specific amount?
Comment 6 by eldarwen
I Usually Check It At Night on 2008-02-23

I usually check mine at night. It also shows my pending payment when I pay online. The website for this one is very easy to navigate. Which is a plus for me.
Comment 7 by annette
Credit Limit on 2008-02-25

I just got the Instant approval and said my card would arrive in two weeks. Do you get a credit limit with this card or what ? I'm new to chase did'nt really know what the freedom means... Like with rewards or limits etc :)
Comment 8 by eldarwen
You Do Get A Limit on 2008-02-26

You do get a CL. Mine is like 5,000. I think it is called freedom is because you earn cash or points and you can switch if you want.
Comment 9 by annette
Chase on 2008-02-26

Amen... I'm so glad to be rid of Orchard / HSBC. How long did it take to get your card ? Now that my scores are 646 657 655 I'm closing all cards that come from HSBC. It feels good not having an annual fee ! I don't even care if the interest rate is 17% HSBC is like 22% and has all those fees.
Comment 10 by hjm331
RE: Annette on 2008-02-26

I also hate how their CS is outsourced and they try to sell you their fake protection plans. I told one of their CSR that I'm not interested in their program and he said "Ok, I will enroll you right now." Then, I started yelling at him saying I don't want any other charges on my bill.
Comment 11 by annette
LOL on 2008-02-27

Omg that's what happen to me when I called like after a yr of not getting cli. The lady tried to sell me credit watch or something like that and then tried to charge me 30 for cli I was like shut-up ya got to kiddin me and then I'm like NO. And shes like yes no lol I'm like N O...
Comment 12 by eldarwen
I Did Not Take Me Long To Get It. on 2008-02-27

On the Chase website, it did not take me long to apply. What I didn't like was how I did not get a 60 second descision. I ended up calling two days later wanting to know if I was approved for a credit card. It was with my Amex card that I got an answer to see if I was approved or not. The Chase Freedom card is for somebody who has a 'good' credit rating. I think you may get one with those scores. I wouldn't recommend that you close those accounts yet.
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