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Written by: danny23 on 2008-02-20

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danny23's review: Hey just check this account and what do you know a cli of 75 dollars... Except this one they charged 25 dollars for it


Comment 1 by hjm331
This Is Just Pathetic! on 2008-02-20

I can't believe they're charging people for a CLI not to mention this is a VERY small CLI.

Danny, do yourself a favor and apply for a Capital One credit card because they will NOT charge you for a CLI and as long as you make your payments on-time and don't go over your limit, they will give you big limits.

I'm assuming your limit for this card is under $500 no?
Comment 2 by markrivers
A Very Small Credit Limit Increase on 2008-02-20

I can't believe that increase in credit limit was just 75?? And they charged you $25 for that... That's a rip off.
Comment 3 by arod
As Every One Will Say on 2008-02-21

WEll don't stay with this card too long apply to : www.Orchardbank.com and www.Capitalone.com they wont kill you in fees and they wont change you a thing for any credit line increase

Goodluck to you,

Comment 4 by meya
What! on 2008-02-21

And you went for it? Go and apply for cap 1 or Hootres.
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