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Written by: bramford on 2008-02-17

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bramford's review: Callout Comment I have had this card since July, 2007. My credit limit is 500. This is a great card up until the point in which you want to talk to customer service. They are located in India, and they can hardly speak any English. They are uneducated, incompetent, and extremely rude. It is a shame that such a good credit card company to have such a poor CS.


Comment 1 by markrivers
Blame The Company. User Icon on 2008-02-17

Remarks It's not just capital one but there are a lot of companies who outsource their custmer service to india and the Philippines..

as for my personal experience, I like it when the CS rep is from the Philippines, they speak very fluent and accurate English..

you might not believe it, but they're more grammatically correct than us... They'll say my mistake and not " my Bad".

ha ha ha!

andthey have this charming accent, compared to the Indian accent which usually sound condescending

my 2 cents!
Comment 2 by porgy1000
Thats Not Good User Icon on 2008-02-17

Remarks I just posted about my new capital one card on here as well. Now I am nervous about the fact that they have people in 3rd world countries handling all of our information. I am concerned that could lead to an ID theft.

Here in Texas there is a Capital One Bank branch on every corner, so I figured it was a safe bank. I had no idea that they had call centers outside of the USA to handle the credit accounts. Now I am sorry I that I took out the card.
Comment 3 by arod
Dont Worry User Icon on 2008-02-17

Remarks The outsource customer service has no access to your accounts only the last 3 digit your safe..

You can call your bank and ask for a manager and speak on this matter if you have doubts,

Thanks, Alex
Comment 4 by porgy1000
ARod User Icon on 2008-02-17

Remarks ARod thank you for that info. Now I will be able to sleep tonight LOL
Comment 5 by hjm331
Backdoor Number To Capital One User Icon on 2008-02-17

Remarks Here's the number to Capital One's SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGERS. They are Americans and you can understand them clearly. They also have more power so they can give you CLI's and more. I always call this number when I have a problem with my account, so far so good. 1-800-889-9939
Comment 6 by meya
Outsourcing Is Whats Going On User Icon on 2008-02-17

Remarks You will be shocked to find out who is outsourcing these days. Businesses will do anything to get rid of the overhead expense. Why do you think that banks wants to encourage those to use online banking or ATM's? They are trying to get rid of the tellers and outsource customer service. Everyone thinks that Kmart and Montgomery Wards is gone forever, nope, they are online to stay. Pretty soon, we are going to have to speak different languages if we want a certain card... Lol jk.
Comment 7 by markrivers
ID Thief Is Closer Than You Think! User Icon on 2008-02-17

Remarks I wouldn't worry much about other countries knowing your personal info... Most of them cannot use it anyway, right away I mean..

imagine, you live here in the states and someone from india purchased a laptop... That's a red Flag for VISA/MC/American express... So most likely, you won't pay for it since it's unauthorized use.

here's what concerns me MORE!

1. The waitress/waiter who got your credit card after your dinner and copied the info and made purchases online... NOW the thief most probably live in the same state as you do!

2. People who park near wi-fi stations and do that " evil Twin" kind of thing, to keep it simple, if you're using public access/ unsecured connection, YOU JUST GAVE AWAY all the info from your laptop or PDA for them to see.

i can go on and on... All I'm saying is be more afraid of our fellow Americans rather than other nations..

one more thing, 70-80% of companies "outsource" and they don't have the obligation to tell u unless u ask them.
Comment 8 by markrivers
More ID Theft Issues! User Icon on 2008-02-17

Remarks Since we're in the ID theft issues..

i for got to add this... Even if I have your Social Security number... Then I went back to Canada, it's useless there!


but if you're neighbor got a hold of it... He can... And he might apply for a car... Get a credit card, buy a house ha ha ha the list goes on!

i'd worry more about people knowing my social security number THAN my credit card numbers or bank accounts..

because most of these credit card companies have protection againts identity theft..

but if someone literally use your social ang purchased a car... You'll never know it until he defaulted and you have the collection agencies calling u every hour
Comment 9 by porgy1000
ID Theft User Icon on 2008-02-17

Remarks Yes MarkRivers, I agree with you 10000% and I was a victim of fraud in 1999. A motel clerk used my Visa when I checked in and maxed it out in 3 days for $22,000. She also did that to everyone who checked into the motel that week and she went off to prison.

I was stuck with having to file a fraud report for each of the 300 plus charges.

Since then I opened two cards, one is American Dream from HSBC and the other is a Credit One Bank card. Both have credit lines of just $1000. Those are the ONLY cards I use when I need to hand my card to any clerk, cashier or waiter. When I get a CLI I call the bank and have the CL reduced back down to the $1000 and when I explain why, they always say. GOOD FOR YOU. They tell me that it is a good idea and they never thought of doing it.

Live and learn is all one can do.
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