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Written by: carlock4 on 2008-02-12

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carlock4's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card almost 2 weeks ago and got the "Your application is under review and you will receive a letter in the mail in 7 to 10 days explaining our decision" and I took that as a denial and went about my happy way. But today I was curious as to what really happened and called the underwriting department and spoke to 'Dave' and he asked me a few questions to verify my address and phone #, and said that he would put it in for a $2000 limit. After I got off of the phone I immediately called the application dept. And spoke the Chalise(sp?) and she asked a couple of questions and told me that I would receive the decision in the mail but I could call the automated number if I would like. I did and "Congratulations, you are approved with a credit limit of $2500 with a variable APR of 15.99%" I am calling tomorrow to combine my chase Visa with a $1000 limit and a 23.24% APR to the Freedom card.


Comment 1 by porgy1000
Chase User Icon on 2008-02-12

Remarks If you think they will keep your initial rate you have another thing comming.

Chase will let you do all of your balance transfers then they will have a reason to raise your rate although they will never tell you what the reason.

I suggest you do not fall into the Chase games they pull because if you do, you may find that you have a 30% interest rate 6 months down the line. With Chase you should do what I do. I have a zero balance on it and it is burried in my underwear draw LOL. I only keep the chase card open as it it is my oldest open tradeline 24 years 9 months. Credit line on my chase is $48,000 rate is 12.99% uh huh, if I used the card the rate would go to over 25% I know Chases games.
Comment 2 by meya
Way To Go! User Icon on 2008-02-12

Remarks Well unfortunatley I was denied for this card. I got the 30 day thingy, and I had forgot that I applied for it until the actual denial letter came in the mail over one month alter. Congrats on your approval, I will meet you on the approval end when they merge (or buy out) with cap one... Lol
Comment 3 by hjm331
Let's Protest! User Icon on 2008-02-12

Remarks I refuse to become a Chase cardholder even through a merger even if it takes shoving up picket signs into the JP Morgan Chase's behinds!!!
Comment 4 by arod
Chase User Icon on 2008-02-12

Remarks Not for me. I have had so much problem with chase from sneaky fee to raised APR for no reason I also had there checking account my god they just rob you legal well I can say this I will never deal with chase as long as I live. WHY?

Well I will tell you I used there atm two times they charge me a fee keep in mind there chase ATM

They also charge me $35 dollars because I went over.50 cent on my checking I got credit after I said I would close my account.

look it so much on chase you know good luck to those who have it.

Me and chase never...

Take care,

Comment 5 by arod
Chase 2 User Icon on 2008-02-12

Remarks I closed the checking, credit card and saving from chase,
Comment 6 by markrivers
Way To Go Porgy User Icon on 2008-02-12

Remarks I'm doing what porgy is doing right now..

after the introductory 0% for 12 months which ended Jan 2008, I stopped using the card, I'm just maintaining it for credit bureau reporting.

it's hard to ask for a credit limit increase with them..
Comment 7 by eric
Chase User Icon on 2008-02-12

Remarks Is Chase really buying Capital one? If they are Im going to cut up my 2 Cap One Cards... I hate Chase.
Comment 8 by hjm331
RE: Eric User Icon on 2008-02-12

Remarks That's what the rumors are. I hope it's not true but what seems more realistic is that Chase will buy WAMU. I'm glad I don't have any WAMU cards. Lol
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