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Written by: carlock4 on 2008-02-09

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carlock4's review: Callout Comment Just kidding. She applied for this and was approved for 250.00, low but who needs that many bras?


Comment 1 by arod
LOL User Icon on 2008-02-09

Remarks Crazy but yes... Well I dint know what to say


take Care,

Comment 2 by meya
We Do User Icon on 2008-02-09

Remarks These days, we purchase bras along with panties and they much match. So I say yeaaaah for the card. Way to go wifey!
Comment 3 by hjm331
Hmm User Icon on 2008-02-09

Remarks Credit cards shouldn't be given to any women who don't have a job and can't support themselves. But I guess this card is good if they want to make their boyfriend/husband happy by buying some sexy lingerie. It's just in time for Valentine's Day lol
Comment 4 by carlock4
Wife Job User Icon on 2008-02-09

Remarks To the comment about a woman does need a card if she does not have a job, Well my wife does work and brings a lot to the table also. So all in all she deserves her own rewards.
Comment 5 by hjm331
It's All Good User Icon on 2008-02-09

Remarks If she works, then she deserves everything that hard working man deserves.
Comment 6 by porgy1000
New Toy User Icon on 2008-02-10

Remarks This is your wifes new toy????????????????????????????????????

I better shut up now before I get into trouble hehehehehehehehehe
Comment 7 by meya
Hold It User Icon on 2008-02-10

Remarks Oh ok hjm331, well what about the men that gets credit cards and don't work? How do you know if the man is the one that wants the woman to stay home while he takes care of the bills (vise versa). Not only that, what about those who have credit cards and then no longer have a job? If this is the card she like then let her roll with it, don't hate on the woman, hate on the approval. Uh huh, you cant do that huh? Lol.
Comment 8 by carlock4
New Toy User Icon on 2008-02-10

Remarks Yes I said it was her new toy (that I get to enjoy with her).
Comment 9 by ness32
Congratulations! User Icon on 2008-02-10

Remarks Congrats on your wife Victoria Secret card... I'm sure she will enjoy it!!!
Comment 10 by hjm331
Too Much User Icon on 2008-02-10

Remarks Personally, I think spending $250 on a pair of bra and panties is just crazy! My maximum would be $100 and they HAVE TO look good on her.
Comment 11 by porgy1000
Uh Oh User Icon on 2008-02-10

Remarks I wouldnt know, I never wore a bra or panties LOL, nor have I ever bought any for anyone else. I guess that is why I am still single wwaahhhooo lol
Comment 12 by ding
To Hjm331 User Icon on 2008-06-21

Remarks Hey... I agree with meya... My husband goes off MY credit... It might not be the greatest but it sure as heck got him what he wanted... And I don't work outside of the home... BUT like I said, MY credit got him what HE wanted... Us women have jobs to... Maybe not outside the home always but we sure as heck work our butts off to keep things going for the men.
Comment 13 by meya
Oops User Icon on 2008-06-22

Remarks See what I mean! Victoria has more than just secret underwares and bras, they have women secretly purchasing for both parties and paying for both. Now!
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