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Written by: cltoledo on 2008-02-07

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cltoledo's review: Got a $150 limit. No big deal. Will only shop online, since there is not one near. No problem. Nice card to have either way.

should receive card in 7-10 days.





Comment 1 by hjm331
Congrats! on 2008-02-07

Nice card to get approved for. Was this a recommendation after the denial of their AMEX card or did you apply for this card directly? There aren't any Dilliard stores in So Cal. So I have a Macy's card and so far it's been great. Good luck with this card.
Comment 2 by eric
Hey on 2008-02-07

Sweet deal... They run your credit 1st for the AMEX then if you don't qualify for the AMEX they see if you qualify for the regular Dillards card.
Comment 3 by hjm331
To Eric on 2008-02-07

Eric, that's why I asked her if she applied for the AMEX first. I applied for it thinking I would be approved for my first AMEX but they offered me this card since they didn't approve me for the AMEX card. When I got approved for this card, they also gave me a $150 limit but I closed since there aren't any Dilliard stores in So Cal.
Comment 4 by meya
Congrats on 2008-02-08

Call them in about 4 months and ask for a cli. They gave me $100 cli, but I am about to close this card along with target. They are hurting my scores becasue the limits are too low. You are right hjm331, the closest store is in Stockton Ca. And that is like a little over an hour from me. I ordered some perfume from them one time, and that was about 4 months ago. Since I have the Macy's card, I might as well let this one go.
Comment 5 by cltoledo
Applied Directly on 2008-03-31

I did not apply for the AMEX crd. I already knew there would be a denial. I was denied a Macy's though-go figure.
Comment 6 by wildrage2
Macys on 2008-03-31

I applied for a Dillards when my scores were around 580. I since opended up almost 10 accounts to help with my long term credit scores (I had none at the time). It caused my score to drop into the 560 range. I then applied for a Macy's and was approved... When my score was lower then when I applied to Dillards. To add to the confusion, I was DENIED a Citi SECURED card 6 months ago. Who knows what formula they use... Go figure...
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