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Written by: ash on 2008-02-04

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ash's review: Callout Comment I received a preapproval notice for this card

earlier in the spring of 2006. They would not give it to me. I cannot remember what the reason was but one week later they solicited my mom. She got it, but low $500 limit though... So far no CLI either. She also has a prior bk. Anyway 3 weeks ago they sent her another pre-approval notice and she was wondering why they would send it if she's already a card holder. I checked it out for her and they gave a second credit line @$1500. One year later a preapproval notice came for (ME) I thought I would try again since they offered 0% interest for the first year & no "Annual Fee". I got it last week @1,000. Feels good after

dealing with the sub-prime sharks like

First Premiere.


Comment 1 by crazy2k5
Thats Great User Icon on 2008-02-04

Remarks Congrads on the new card. They wont give me credit for anything.
Comment 2 by porgy1000
WAMU User Icon on 2008-02-04

Remarks Remember that WAMU is going to be bought out by Chase in May 2008. Chase has stated that they will close any account they purchase from other banks that the card holders have sub standard scores and or a bankruptcy on their credit reports.

I wish WAMU would stop giving out cards to customers that they know full well that Chase will just close in a few months. All this info is on thetruthaboutcreditcards.com
Comment 3 by eric
I Agree User Icon on 2008-02-05

Remarks I get bombarded by WAMU preapprovals... My checking account is through them. I decided to apply through a preapproval and I was declined about a year and a half ago and I never forgot it-plus I still get 5 or 6 preapprovals in the mail from them every month. The checking accounts are cool but Im not a fan of their credit cards.
Comment 4 by ash
Re: Porgy User Icon on 2008-02-05

Remarks Good Morning,


When you get a minute see my post on the forum regarding wamu...
Comment 5 by porgy1000
WAMU User Icon on 2008-02-05

Remarks Hi, I read your posting in the forum. I put a link there about Wamu to a website that says Wamu is going under in 30 to 60 days.
Comment 6 by misee
WAMU Credit Card Warning! User Icon on 2008-02-20

Remarks Not a Good Card
Comment 7 by hjm331
Porgy User Icon on 2008-02-20

Remarks I just went to thetruthaboutcreditcards.com website and the first article on top of the site states that consumers in Texas have the lowest credit scores on average lol I guess you're the only exception.
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