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Written by: louise on 2008-02-03

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louise's review: At the time of approval, my FICO score was 650; considering I'm rebounding from BK (Discharged June 2006), it's a great start for improving my credit.


Comment 1 by arod
GOOD LUCK on 2008-02-03

Im glad you decided to repair your credit since we need it for just about everything.

later maybe in about a year also try capitalone.com

take care,

Comment 2 by meya
Way To Go on 2008-02-03

You will be back in the credit game in no time, stick with us and you will see. I agree, cap1 should be your next card to apply for.
Comment 3 by hjm331
Congrats! on 2008-02-03

Good card to help you rebuild your credit. What was the limit they approved you for?
Comment 4 by porgy1000
Credit Score on 2008-02-04

Where are you getting your 650 credit score from? Which site? It may be a FAKE score and NOT your real FICO score that the banks actually use.
Comment 5 by louise
FICO Score Porgy Comment on 2008-02-04

My Fico Score was generated by Transunion... It's not a fake. One reason my credit score is not in the 400s or 500s is because I paid off a BMW... I have paid off students loans and I have a few student loans left in which I have been paying on a timely basis... B/c students loans are considered installment loans on a long term basis, I have an excellent long-term payment history (no defaulted loans) which does account for something despite the Bk... I know ppl who have filed for BK and within 2-3 years have receive non-sub-prime lender rates and credit scores in the 700s...
Comment 6 by louise
Orchard Bank CL on 2008-02-04

My credit Limit is 500
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