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Written by: goddess on 2008-01-31

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goddess's review: Callout Comment

After many years of suffering wtih subprime credit, I started cleaning up my reports last October. Went from scores in the low 500's to close to 700 today. Thought I'd try applying for this card as another reviewer mentioned AMEX was practically giving them away. Low and behold, they grace me with an $8100 limit. My jaw is still open. Should get it in 10 days and will be treating this baby like it's my first born. YEAH!!! :)


Comment 1 by porgy1000
GREAT User Icon on 2008-01-31

Remarks Well you took control of your credit, cleaned it up and moved on. Now that you have the card that you wanted I am sure you will keep your credit clean.

It is good to see that people can escape the downfalls of subprime credit. BRAVO, I hope others learn from your example.
Comment 2 by crazy2k5
Congrads User Icon on 2008-01-31

Remarks Congrads on the new card. I cant wait until I can get an American Express.
Comment 3 by columbia45
HOW?!?!? User Icon on 2008-01-31

Remarks Low 700's and they gave you that card? Which bureau did they pull?
Comment 4 by arod
Congrats User Icon on 2008-01-31

Remarks Great card my wife has it... I have the gold AMEX pay every month but this card is better.

enjoy your credit line

take care,

Comment 5 by nwalker30
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-02-01

Remarks Congrats on the new card! I can't wait until I can get a AMEX card.
Comment 6 by meya
Wow!!!! User Icon on 2008-02-01

Remarks Nice limit. Congrats on the approval. After listening to Porgy, I guess I will go to MyFICO and see what is going on.
Comment 7 by goddess
Columbia45 - User Icon on 2008-02-01

Remarks They pulled EX for this card. My FICO was 670 as of two weeks ago.
Comment 8 by porgy1000
Score User Icon on 2008-02-01

Remarks Your score on Experian was 670, that is NOT your FICO score. I bet your REAL Fico score is much higher.
Comment 9 by goddess
Porgy- User Icon on 2008-02-05

Remarks I stand corrected! :) As an update, AMEX has now decided to give me three hard pulls on all CRA's for my trouble. Will keep you all posted as to what comes next.
Comment 10 by columbia45
Porgy Is Right Just In Reverse... User Icon on 2008-03-13

Remarks Experian has me at a score of 709 yet my FICO has me at 598 there's a difference yet myFICO is not higher it's always lower thatn the EXPERIAN. So if the person above got the card with a 670 there's something amiss yet then again AMEX has it's [edited by FG] way of approving people by [edited by FG] affluent regions.
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