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Written by: trinity3 on 2008-01-23

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trinity3's review: Callout Comment OK, I'am like many others. This is it! I received the card today w/generous limit and my husband as well. I believe this will be a great card, but we do not go to Hooter's ever. Does anyone know how they give CLI's?


Comment 1 by desihunk17
Good Card User Icon on 2008-01-23

Remarks They gave me this card about 6months a go and they started me off with $5000... My score back then was 620... With all three... And now they are over 700... Soo let me know if you need help... With anything else...
Comment 2 by meya
Way To Go! User Icon on 2008-01-23

Remarks Congrats on our approval. The gave me $2k and yes their food taste pretty good especially the fried wings and steak sandwiches. I think it is a good place to take friends like hjm331 to where he can just sit back and go "Whoa" and spoil his appetite from over-looking... Lol.

Overall I have not seen an increase in their cl, but I was told by the rep that I can call back in six months because that is how long they want you to wait. Good luck with the card, and if you do mind me asking, how much was your initial limit and Apr?
Comment 3 by pamela2
Hi User Icon on 2008-01-23

Remarks Hi welcome to the Hooters family!!
Comment 4 by porgy1000
Hooters Card User Icon on 2008-01-23

Remarks I just thought I should add the following;

Merrick Bank / Hooters Card is NOT in the mortgage business. They are a small regional bank in Merrick NY (where I grew up). Since they have not been impacted by the mortgage mess they are sticking to their original plans. They issue credit line increases approx every 6 to 8 months for 10% to 20% of your current credit line, provided you are current etc etc etc
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