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Written by: trinity3 on 2008-01-15

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trinity3's review: Callout Comment I had a Capital One MC about 5 yrs ago that was charged off. I decided to apply for the Capital One Visa knowing they would decline me since I have a charge off with them previously. TO MUCH SURPRISE, I WAS APPROVED AND RECEIVED THE CARD TODAY. THANKS CAPITAL ONE, I WILL DO RIGHT WITH THIS ONE!!!


Comment 1 by hjm331
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-01-15

Remarks Hey trinity, congrats on the new Capital One Visa! Capital One was the first creditor to open their doors to me so I can start building my credit. I was so happy with them that I opened a 2nd account with them about 4 months ago. I started off with $500, and they raised my limit to $1,500 today! Don't be dissappointed with the low limit they start you off with. The trick is to pay your balance in full every month and prove to them that you can buy off big balances.
Comment 2 by ash
Re User Icon on 2008-01-16

Remarks Congrats! How often were your increases and are they reporting to all 3 of the agencies?
Comment 3 by justin
CRAZY User Icon on 2008-01-16

Remarks Either Capital One is hiring 3rd graders to approve their applications or they just want to throw money away. I guess what they say is real "TRUTH IS STRANGER THEN FICTION".
Comment 4 by meya
Congrats User Icon on 2008-01-16

Remarks Way to go Trinity. I believe you will do a good thing this time, we have to learn from out mistakes. Just keep up the good work and let us know how you've enjoy the Cap 1 club from time to time.
Comment 5 by swat253
Take Care Of That Baby! User Icon on 2008-01-16

Remarks Cap One showed me love early in my credit repair process. Soon after I received the card, they were there to bail me out in a couple of emergency travel situations! I had to pay a $29 annual fee, but spread out over 12 months, it's a good investment until I can get one of their no-fee higher limit rewards cards.

Hope there's an increase in my future!
Comment 6 by trinity3
CLI's User Icon on 2008-01-16

Remarks I believe their CLI's are every 90 days. I'am I correct Cap One pros?
Comment 7 by chrispa
Capitalone User Icon on 2008-01-17

Remarks Hey Trinity, and others, well I read this and I'm in the same boat. I did have a previous cap one charge off also, and yes I thought this was a joke that they would approve me though... But to my surprise... I applied online and said I was approved... Well it said card and welcome package will come in 7-10 days. Well see if this holds true. Will update when or if card comes.

Comment 8 by justin
Charge Offs? User Icon on 2008-01-17

Remarks Does everyone on here have chargeoffs? Is this how America lives? I was raised to pay my bills. Everyone expects free money. What goes around comes around.
Comment 9 by chrispa
Second Chances User Icon on 2008-01-26

Remarks Trinity,

Yes you are right, they do give second chances, I was in the same boat with them as you were. And yes they did approve me as well... I just got my card.
Comment 10 by lindalu
Pre Approval But Just Denied One?? User Icon on 2008-05-11

Remarks I applied for a capitol one Visa just 6 weeks ago and was denied... I already have the capitol one MasterCard standard platinum but got the preapproval letter for the no hassle after I was denied a capitol one Visa... Should I apply to my preapproval offer... Can I get more than 1 MasterCard from capitol one... Did I just not have the credit criteria for the Visa I chose to apply for and maybe I do for the no hassle... The offer expires may 21st and I know some people here have said that you cannot apply again for 90 days... Don't want to risk a credit inquiry on all 3 reports and then get denied and ahve nothing to show for it..

thanks guys... This site is very helpful!
Comment 11 by ash
Re User Icon on 2008-05-11

Remarks Was Capital One included in your bk? They say you can only apply every 90 days as well... If this is the sole reason they are going to send you a letter to tell you they processed internally and did not pull your credit reports. Thats what happened to me. If you're in the credit steps program you may be in for a wait before they will let you have more than one card.
Comment 12 by lindalu
Not In My Bk User Icon on 2008-05-11

Remarks I never had a capitol one before my bk... And I already got my first increase with the credit steps in feb... I called yesterday to get an increase again on my platinum MasterCard and told me he could not increase my limit but to go to card lab and apply for another card... I told I did about 6 weeks ago and he said I probably would not get approved then... But then comes the preapproval from the no hassle MasterCard which I do believe is different than what I have so kind of dissappointed now that I applied not knowing a preapproval was in the mail..
Comment 13 by arod
LindaLu User Icon on 2008-05-11

Remarks Wait the 90 days then apply for the capital one Visa..

I had both of them but I close the Visa and stayed with the MasterCard.

There both good..

Good Luck to you...

Comment 14 by hjm331
RE: LindaLu User Icon on 2008-05-12

Remarks Cap 1's policy is that they will accept an application every 90 days so if you applied earlier, you do have to wait 90 days. I have 2 Platinum Mastercards with them so it is possible. However, I just combined both of my cards so I would only have to worry about 1 card instead of 2.
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