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Written by: defserv on 2008-01-12

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defserv's review: After reading about the success rate of approvals on this site I decided to give it a try. I have a *569*

Credit score, currently holding 5 cards with small limits. ($300-350) Only negative thing on my report is 3 late payments in early '06.

When I put in my application they gave me the 7-10 days for "further review"

I received The card yesterday with a CLI of $750 APR of 28.20% :( and a annual fee of $48.00.

It will be a nice credit builder card, one to definitely pay in full each month.

Thanks for everything guys. Love reading everyone's stories :)


Comment 1 by pamela2
Hey on 2008-01-12

Hey welcome to the HOOTERS family.
Comment 2 by hjm331
Congrats! on 2008-01-13

Congrats Defserv! When I applied for the Hooters card, they asked me to send in a copy of my Driver's License and SS Card but I didn't feel comfortable with it so all I know have from them is a hard inquiry on my report.

Alot of people complain about the high interest rates when they don't have perfect credit. Well, just like you stated above, they can be avoided in they pay in full every month. If you can't pay everything off in one month, then you shouldn't of charged the card in the first place. Always use your credit card as if it were a debit card, that's the key to building a great credit.
Comment 3 by meya
Way To Go on 2008-01-13

Welcome to the hooter family.
Comment 4 by swat253
I'm A Hooters Lover Too! on 2008-01-13

Congrats on the new card! I got mine with a slightly higher score, $1000.00 @ 18.9% but I paid a $72.00 annual fee.

Not the best, but it's a credit builder and having it for 3 months has helped me get 3 add'l cards with higher limits, lower APRs and no fees! I've used it sparingly and never charge more than $100, then I PIF.

It was quite a novelty during the Christmas shopping season; One very nice female clerk, who was obviously having a stressful and harried day, thanked me for showing her my "Hooters." She said it made her smile for the first time that day!
Comment 5 by desihunk17
Goood on 2008-01-14

I have this card since past few month... I was approved for 5000cl good card... Havent had any problems yet..
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