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Written by: steve-o on 2008-01-11

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steve-o's review: Callout Comment I applied for the discover More Card... I wanted to Transfer 2500 off my cards for the 12 month no interest... But discover said I couldn't get they're card but I was approved for this card... They gave me 10 months no interest on balance transfers. Ok ten months is more then enough time to pay my bill off... But the purchase interest rate is 18%... If I accept this card when it arrives 18% will be my highest rate out of all my cards. Well first off what kind of company is HSBC... If I transfer my balance to them will they look for any excuse to take alway my 0% interest rate and charge me 18%? And how is there online pay?...

I have:

Washington mutual Visa: 500 limit with 14%

Citi platinum select MasterCard: 2000 limit with 13%

sonoco MasterCard: 1000 limit with 16%

So what do you think guys keep this card when it comes or get rid of it... And one more thing is this card a lead in for the real discover card..

thanks steve

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Comment 1 by kbs
Steve-0 User Icon on 2008-01-12

Remarks Go for it... I have 3 accounts with HSBC and never have had any problems with them... Customer service is great

and the online pay is through Account Central No fees to use this service... And when you really think about the No annual Fee its a good deal... Many Companies are raising

their Interest Rates so really 18% percent is not too High

If you Have excellent Credit though you may not feel its such a Bargain lol
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