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Written by: crazy2k5 on 2008-01-07

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crazy2k5's review: Callout Comment I have had this card for about two years. I have never paid late or went over my limit. I have been at the same 300 cl all this time. Does anyone know what they base credit limit increases on.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Go W/ Capital 1 For A Higher Limit User Icon on 2008-01-07

Remarks Hey what's up? I've had this card for a few months and I don't use it that much because I just have it for building my credit. But if you want to have a card that will treat you better in terms of credit line increases, then go with capital one. They started me off with $500 and gave me a $500 CLI in 3 months.
Comment 2 by meya
Woooooe User Icon on 2008-01-08

Remarks You need to call in to customer service because you should have received a cli from them a long time ago. Have you defaulted or was late on other creditors? I find this very rare and I am glad that you brought this to other Orchard Bank card holders here. Please call them and ask what is going on, you might receive some "love" from them. Don't expect too much because they are stingy with their cli's. Let us know what happened when you called.
Comment 3 by porgy1000
CLI User Icon on 2008-01-08

Remarks Banks base your credit line increases on how you pay all your creditors and not just them. HSBC does not do universal default, however, if there are other NEG items on your credit report they will not issue you an increase.
Comment 4 by crazy2k5
Capital One User Icon on 2008-01-08

Remarks I applied for the capital one card last night and I got it. Just a 300 cl but so what. No annual fee and six months no interest. I also called orchard bank and they told me that they review credit reports every so often for line increases. But so far mine has not qualified. I think in the last few years I have had only one late payment. Nothing else bad has gone on my credit report. I am seriously considering canceling this card it also has a $69 annual fee. I don't want to cancel this card because I have had it for almost three years and it is my longest standing account. What should I do?
Comment 5 by porgy1000
Credit Line User Icon on 2008-01-08

Remarks I am NO expert, but if I was you, I would do this;

Pull all 3 of your credit FICO scores from MyFico.com then take the lowest score, come back to this site and do a score match to your lowest score and see what cards come back. Then apply for 2 cards that match your score. You may find that the card you have now is the best for your current situation.

What most people don't realize about HSBC is who the are. They are HongKong Singapore Banking Corporation HSBC

They came to the US credit market to clean up on people with lower credit scores. Thats where they make most of their money and NOT on their other cards that offer high credit lines and low rates.
Comment 6 by ash
Re: User Icon on 2008-01-08

Remarks I agree with meya, something must be wrong because they automatically increase your limit every couple of months.
Comment 7 by meya
That's It User Icon on 2008-01-08

Remarks There is the problem Crazy2k5, the late payment is what's delaying your cli. The late payment makes creditors scared to give you an increase (most subprimed cards). Stay on top of your payments and I believe this should not happen again.
Comment 8 by divenie
I Had The Same Problem User Icon on 2008-01-22

Remarks I had the same issue with this card. I went ahead and told them to close my account and my final payment was already in the mail. A few months later I applied again not only did my credit limit dbl but they even offered a lower interest rate.
Comment 9 by britney
Re: Credit Limit Sucks User Icon on 2010-02-19

Remarks I opened my Orchard Bank Platinum credit card account this past July and I just called them to inquire about a CLI from my initial $300 CL. They informed me that they are no longer giving CLI's at all. I have a $0 balance and have never been late on a payment. They expect me to keep paying a $39 annual fee to keep a $300 credit card open?! I'm seriously considering closing this card. It's not my longest open card. Orchard Bank is a TERRIBLE company! I do not recommend them at all unless this is the only card that you can get! I have Capital One and Bank of America credit cards and they actually give me CLI's. I really don't want others to have to deal with this frustration. PLEASE DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU HAVE NO OTHER OPTION!
Comment 10 by lt1000
Re: Credit Limit Sucks User Icon on 2010-09-23

Remarks Everything basically said here is true. This bank preys on people with low credit scores. I had difficulties with my credit score years ago and applied. They accepted me. Once they accepted me, within the four years I have had this card, I was late twice. Both times I paid the bill the next day after the due date. My credit scores increased dramatically since then, I also have a capital one card now as well as other cards and department store cards. I was able to repair my credit successfully. I have received credit limit increases on all other cards for the exception of my Orchard Bank card. Now you can't tell me that those two late payments over the span of four years negatively impacted my credit limit increase. I received a credit limit increase on my capital one card and I was late once the whole time since I had it. They still increased my limit dramatically! NEVER, have I received a credit line increase from Orchard Bank. I want to close it soooo badly but I do not want to negatively impact my credit score by closing a credit card I have had open for 4 years. However, IT IS negatively impacting my credit score currently by having a credit card for four years with such a low credit limit. It says a lot to the lenders/banking officials reviewing your information. My suggestion is DO NOT GET THIS CARD. Or, once your credit score is at a place where it can take a hit and lose a few points, close it and go with a credit card from a bank like Bank of America, Citibank, Chase, or TD Bank. Orchard Bank, First Premier Bank, is a rip off and if I knew then, what I know now, and didn't need them to build my credit at the time, I would have wiped my arse with this card a long time ago. Stay away from them. Stay away from HSBC period.
Comment 11 by kiejon9
Re: Credit Limit Sucks User Icon on 2010-09-26

Remarks This bank preys on people with low credit scores...
Comment 12 by jdavis4019
Re: Credit Limit Sucks User Icon on 2010-11-08

Remarks Today when I called Orchard customer service to have my account closed. One of the account managers had the nerve to mock and ridicule me by stating I had bad credit and no one will ever approve me for any type of credit unless I keep Orchard bank card to rebuild my credit. I was calling to have my account closed. Not to be mistreated and put down. It is sad that just because someone credit is not the best that people are taken advantage of by Orchard and many other credit card companies with HIGH APR and annual percentage rates. My other 3 credit cards don't charge me any annual fees. Not to mention Orchard outsources their customer service center to other countries that have poor customer service skills.
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