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Written by: mikey on 2008-01-06

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mikey's review: Callout Comment I applied for a best buy card but was approved for this one instead with a lousy 300 cl. I think I have an addiction to applying for credit cards!! Scores are in like low 600's cards I have include orchard bank 1000 cl, carnival seamiles 800 cl, hooters 1000cl, cap one 500 cl, direct rewards300 cl, 1st premier platinum350 cl, centinneal 325 cl, macys 500 cl and target 200. This is getting excessive. If I apply for anotherone someone fly to boston and hide my computer!


Comment 1 by porgy1000
Boston? User Icon on 2008-01-06

Remarks Thats ok Mikey, my ex lives in Boston, you can have her lol
Comment 2 by vingstar
I Feel The Same Way User Icon on 2008-01-07

Remarks I have 8 cards & understand how you feel. There's something gratifying about being approved for a new card & then getting it in the mail & feeling all that shiny new card goodness... Lol.
Comment 3 by meya
Shut Up Porgy1000 User Icon on 2008-01-08

Remarks You are loosing it... Lmao. Please disregard porgy, I think he is under the influence of formeldyhyde... Lol. He just have not been himself lately. :)

Yes I do think you have an addiction, but guess what, you are not the first one and definitely will NOT be the last one. When you have a chance sign up with us in the credit card addicts club, maybe we can work on this together. I am a credit addict myself and I have been clean for almost four months now. Well I did renig, but I jumped right back on track. Here is the link, hope to see you soon.

http://www.financeglobe.com/FN/group.php? Groupid=3
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