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Written by: trinity3 on 2008-01-05

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trinity3's review: Callout Comment I received this card in May 06'.  I have not exp any problems.  Customer service is great.  Received a $100 CLI today, but for a fee of $10.  Not bad for a rebuilder card in my opinion, compared to some of the other horror stories I read about other rebuilder cards.


Comment 1 by adicus
CLI User Icon on 2008-01-05

Remarks Did you ask for the CLI or did they automatically give it to you?
Comment 2 by beanciapoo
Congratulations!!! User Icon on 2008-01-05

Remarks I know you must me glad about your credit limit increase!! It is always good to get increases.
Comment 3 by bramford
Worst Bank In The World User Icon on 2008-01-06

Remarks HSBC & Orchard Bank are the worst credit card company in the world. I was late one time for 30 days, and my balance went from 300 to 650 due to charges and fees, and my interest rate shot up to 33%. In addition, their customer service service stinks, you always get some Hindu idiot who can not even speak English properly. Furthermore, whenever you want to talk to CS you have to dial a 503 area code #. Stay away from HSBC & Orchard Bank. Believe me, you will regret it at some point if you don't.
Comment 4 by arod
To Start Is Ok User Icon on 2008-01-07

Remarks I will say to start Orchardbank isn't bad if you need to fix your credit this is the card to get.

once you have the good credit and your FICO is 690 or higher get rid of them.

its a card for credit repair.

Any way try www.Capitalone.com


Comment 5 by trinity3
CLI User Icon on 2008-01-14

Remarks I called in and asked for the CLI. CS were very professional and nice.
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