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Written by: adicus on 2008-01-02

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adicus's review: Callout Comment Got approved for a $200 credit limit on 10/07. Got this new Dillard's AMEX in the mail today with a $3,800 credit limit. I will keep the new credit limit, but I will not activate this card. I already have a charge card in my credit mix (Diners). Looks like GEMB only bases decisions on FICO's.


Comment 1 by eric
Hey Adicus User Icon on 2008-01-02

Remarks This Dillards AMEX is NOT a charge card. You can pay over time. And YES GEMB are FICO lenders.
Comment 2 by adicus
Dillard's User Icon on 2008-01-02

Remarks Thanks for the heads-up. I just found that out.
Comment 3 by desihunk17
Need Help? User Icon on 2008-01-05

Remarks I know you had this card... But did you have to apply to get the American Express card? Or did they just send you one.
Comment 4 by adicus
Desihunk17 User Icon on 2008-01-05

Remarks I applied for the private label card and from what I understand they review your account every 3-4 months for credit limit increases. I got this AMEX in the mail without applying for it. I did check my credit report and I did get a soft inquiry from them.
Comment 5 by desihunk17
Goot Apporved User Icon on 2008-01-08

Remarks Hey I wanted American Express so bad... After reading your review I applied for this card... I have high limit card... But when I applied for this card they only gave me regular card not the American Express and cl is only 400... I think... But I am gonna wait like you did... See if I get the American Express... Card... Also I have question for and that is do you shop regularly with this card or you just keep it with you and never use it...
Comment 6 by trinity3
Dillard's Amex User Icon on 2008-03-22

Remarks Adicus, do you know which CB the soft inquiry was pulled from?
Comment 7 by adicus
Trinity3 User Icon on 2008-03-23

Remarks They pulled from the almighty Experian when I originally applied. The huge increase was based internally (underwriting); I sent a reconsideration letter on the original credit limit ($200). I didn't here anything from them (60+ days) so I assumed they forgot about me then I get the Dillard's Amex card with a huge increase.

A recon letter has always worked for me, regardless of what I needed it for. Hope this helps.
Comment 8 by hjm331
RE: Adicus User Icon on 2008-03-23

Remarks What did you write about in your recon letter?
Comment 9 by adicus
Recon. User Icon on 2008-03-23

Remarks You know the usual... I pay my bills on time and I have stellar payments in my 2 year old mortgage. I've been an avid shopper with Dillard's since 1992 and that I plan to make a pretty large furniture purchase to fill up my home... NOT, cause I already have the furniture I wrote the letter a lot more professionally though.
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