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Written by: porgy1000 on 2007-12-25

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porgy1000's review: Callout Comment They mailed me a pre approved notice, I sent it in and they sent me a card with a $400 credit line. What a JOKE, I have a 756 credit score with $30,000 credit lines. I called them and they said they only give out small credit line cards. If you use more then 35% of the line it will be an adverse report on your credit report. Be smart, cut up the worthless card and send it back.


Comment 1 by meya
So Sorry User Icon on 2007-12-25

Remarks Every creditor has their reason, I am so sorry that it happend to you. This is a good example of why scores does not matter. Creditors looks at other factors of why they offerd you low credit or did not give you credit at all. Maybe you will have better luck next time. With a score like yours, it makes me wonder why was I offerd credit from them recently. My scores then was in the low 600's or the high 500's. Better luck next time, trust me!
Comment 2 by lyyssa
Had The Same Problem... User Icon on 2008-03-19

Remarks I had a WalMart card that started at $300, and eventually went up to $700. When dh and I were trading out some of our old cards for new, better ones the Wal-Mart card was on our ax list. We requested a cli since we've been such good customers, but it was a no go. They said that our cl was considered a "high" credit limit, as the avg. Is $2-300. So we canceled it, but I still think it's a great card to have around for help in improving credit, the gas break, or for emergencies.
Comment 3 by rockin35
Keep The Card User Icon on 2008-04-19

Remarks Go ahead and keep the card at this point. Walmart is a reputable company and GE MoneyBank turns down a lot of applicants. Your credit line is considered a good credit line, especially considering the fact that my sister only got $200. Also, I would assume they gave you a lower credit line BECAUSE you have such huge credit lines. I was given $850 in June 2007 and now I have $950 as of March 2008. I went into the store last night to upgrade to the WalMart Discover and was approved instantly. So please keep the card. Sheila
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