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Written by: ash on 2007-12-07

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ash's review: Callout Comment I don't have the letter with me, but my equifax is 614 "After my app spree" and TU is 633. They said no due to prior BK and current credit obligations... I tried to add this into my credit mix besides a regular Visa/MasterCard. Its a no go for me...


Comment 1 by larrytx
How Long Did It Take User Icon on 2007-12-08

Remarks Did they decline quickly ? How long did it take ?
Comment 2 by ash
Re: User Icon on 2007-12-08

Remarks It took them about seven days.
Comment 3 by meya
Don't Feel Bad User Icon on 2007-12-08

Remarks Chevron is being Finanaced by GEMB now. When they had their own financing it was pretty cool. Another thing is that I went to their website, and no longer see the credit rebuilding card. Try them again later, or about like six months.
Comment 4 by wildrage
Declined As Well User Icon on 2007-12-10

Remarks I was recently declined as well. I was approved by Capital One, along with a few other (opened up 5 cards this month). Their reason was a prior judgment. I received my response in about 1 1/2 weeks.
Comment 5 by bud
Americans Voice For Justice User Icon on 2008-01-23

Remarks Hello from member of AVFJ,

As a member I have good news for American's today.

I have bad news for lending industries. We are giving the voice back to American voters and we are saying we have had enough with the banking industry robbing us of are hard earned money. I'm looking forward to see many of these folding and closing there doors. In the past our money in taxes have pulled them out of trouble when they stole money and ran. We our telling judges elected and others that as they see accounts showing up in court to weigh on tax payers side. If not they will not continue in office. Let your voice be heard by contacting you elected officials and refer to them to American's Voice For Justice. Let the word out. If your silent you are not part of the solution. It's your right to speak out. Also your responsibility. Speak up for your children if not for your self.
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