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Written by: lp25 on 2007-11-24

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lp25's review: Callout Comment I was denied. I like that I could immediately see why I was denied. They give you an option to receive it in the mail or online. I chose online, of course, because I couldn't wait.

The reason for my denial: Your American Express Acquisition Risk Score is too high.

Oh well, maybe next year!


Comment 1 by meya
Sorry To Hear User Icon on 2007-11-24

Remarks Don't worry LP25, at least you had the courage to take a shot at it. I have been denied from them on numerous occasions. I am going to wait until I clean all of my utilizations, inquiries, and 2 medicals before I try them again. It will be sometime around 2009 when I have everything cleared up.

Maybe we will be able to come in here then and tell the world that we were "Approved by AMEX".
Comment 2 by lp25
I Was Hoping.. :) User Icon on 2007-11-24

Remarks There were other reasons for my denial, i. E. Too many inquiries in less than 12 months. It's true, there are 5 of them made within the past 5 months.

I have 3 credit cards; BOA for $5,500, WaMu for $500 and Discover for $900. My Hooter's application will probably be denied because I didn't get an instant approval. I got one of those 7-10 day notices.

I can live with the denial, but I was hoping to get this card so I could transfer my balances (up to 70%) from each card to this new card. It will help with my credit-util ratio.

Thanks for your comment!
Comment 3 by beanciapoo
Your Hooters Card User Icon on 2007-11-25

Remarks I think you will get your hooters card. They display messages like that. Call them to check up and see. Hope to hear an approval on that one. Update us.
Comment 4 by beckettpg8
Approved Last Year $100 Free User Icon on 2008-05-16

Remarks Nice perks of $50 and another $50 deposited in AE savings account; 1 year later canceled so not to pay annual fee - CS would not waive fee but got $100.
Comment 5 by sh0t0kan
Denied User Icon on 2008-07-23

Remarks Yeah I tried applying to this ne and the jet blue I thought "well OKay let give it a shot." I had just been approved for Wamu and HSBC. All of the comment for this card being simple to attain. Well low and behold I had that rush everytime I clicked the submit button, man I ad so many thougts pass through my head as I waited. Excitment, sadness, optimisum then bam there it was reality DENIED sucka. Of all credit denials these hurt the most I just don't feel like I have credit without that AMEX in my wallet. Ill wait and with this site to help me be and stay on track I've learned a lot about my report and now I'm going to fix that. Thanks for all of the advise
Comment 6 by hjm331
RE: Shotokan User Icon on 2008-07-23

Remarks You applied for the wrong card. If you want to get in with AMEX, you need to apply for the Delta Skymiles Gold. That is the easiest AMEX card to get approved for even if you don't have a perfect credit report.
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