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Written by: beanciapoo on 2007-11-21

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beanciapoo's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card about 2 days ago. I received a call from Capital One today. The lady asked me to verify what the last 4 digits of my social security number was and asked me what was my total annual household income. She then said thanks and I should know something in 7 to 10 days. Can anyone tell me if they have ever had this experience? Does this mean I do or don't have the card? I am anxious if there are similar experiences.


Comment 1 by missmam
More Than Likely User Icon on 2007-11-21

Remarks Normally if they needed to check more info out they would say you should hear something in 30days. 7-10 days means you've been approved. If you really want to know you can call the 1-800 number and listen to the options. There's one that says "do you want to check the status of your application". Choose that one, it will ask you for your ss# and tell you if you have been approved or not instantly. Good luck!

Capital One cards are super easy to get. I doubt you've been denied.
Comment 2 by adicus
Need Help Please!!! User Icon on 2007-11-21

Remarks I think it's time we had a talk... No more inquiries. (Smile).
I cringe every time someone applies for credit back to back to back to back. I noticed awhile back that I lost quite a significant amount of score power because of it. As far as the CapitalOne card goes... Its probably a denial, since they didnt congratulate you on the spot with a CL. Enjoy the cards and BUILD, BUILD, BUILD.


Comment 3 by beanciapoo
Thanks User Icon on 2007-11-21

Remarks Thank you guys. I will update you soon, whether or not I get the card. By the way I did call the 1-800-933-5182 # and it said that they are reviewing my application and I should receive answer by Dec. 3rd. I donot know what that means a denial or approval. We will see!!
Comment 4 by missmam
Done W/Crap One. User Icon on 2007-11-22

Remarks Capital One sucks. I wish I had never applied for this card. They only gave me a $300 CL. That's such a toy. I'm done with capital one!
Comment 5 by tknoxjr
THEY ARE BETTER THEN SOME User Icon on 2007-11-22

Remarks I usually don't defend other companies but reading the last comment I had too. Yeah capital one sometimes will give you a low limit, but it depends on your score, compared to like first premier who will even give you a lower limit plus tons of fees, capital one is excellent, with this you may have a annual fee but that's it, I too did start with a 300 limit, but now have 2 captial one accounts both with a 750 limit now, as long as you use your card and pay it each month and don't go over the limit, about every 90 days they will give you a increase, so please yeah they may not be the best out there but trust me there are plenty of worst ones
Comment 6 by beanciapoo
Update User Icon on 2007-11-27

Remarks I did get approved for this card. I called yesterday and machine told me I was approved. I then called the CS and was told I was approved for $500.00 My scores are like 590 to 600 or so. I have one card with capital One and they are good about giving increases every 3 months. My 1st card was started @ $1000.00 and was eventually moved to $1500.00
Comment 7 by beanciapoo
Update User Icon on 2007-11-27

Remarks I finally got approved for this card. I called customer service and she told me I was approved for $500.00 I already have one card with them. I started out with $1000.00 and in 3 months got $500.00 more. I had scores from 580- 600 and lot and lots of inquiries. Maybe like 20 something.
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