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Written by: sara4 on 2007-11-20

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sara4's review: After 2 denials I was finally approved with a $1k my highest so far.


Comment 1 by pamela2
Hi on 2007-11-20

Congrats on your card. I too was denied twice and then I got the card with a $1000.00 credit limit. so welcome to the Hooters family.
Comment 2 by sara4
RE: Hooters on 2007-11-21

Thanks for the welcome it feels good to final get a decent cl.
Comment 3 by beanciapoo
Congratulations!!!! on 2007-11-21

Hope you enjoy your new card. You got it just in time for Christmas. I too just recently got this card with a $500.00 limit & no annual fee. Have not used it yet, but will soon.
Comment 4 by bramford
People Wake-up! on 2008-01-06

Has anybody checked the interest rate that they are paying on this card! Find and apply for another card with a lower interest rate.
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