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Written by: danny23 on 2007-11-15

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danny23's review: Callout Comment Hei I am new to this fourm... I just applied seeing all of these revies and got denied... Regarding a letter in 7-10 days... Guess better luck next time


Comment 1 by beanciapoo
Scores User Icon on 2007-11-15

Remarks If you donot mind me asking? What do your scores look like? Do you have pretty good credit? I know GE Money Bank will give you cards if you have pretty ok credit.
Comment 2 by ash
Be Patient! User Icon on 2007-11-15

Remarks I also received the 7-10 day message... Alot of people do as well. I still got the card. What you should do is wait 3 or 4 days and call their customer service department to check on your app. Good Luck:)
Comment 3 by meya
Are You Sure? User Icon on 2007-11-15

Remarks You might not be denied. They are known for the 7-10 day thingy. Pamela2 was denied from them twice and all of a sudden she recevied the card in the mail with a $1k limit on it. Dont give up hopes. If you want to try some other cards, go into the network forum under "Credit cards for poor credit" and look for the subtitle "Nice cards to apply for". We have added some good cards for those with poor credit scores. I am not aware of you current credit situation, but if you fit the category of good-fair, you will find some valuable information there.
Comment 4 by danny23
D User Icon on 2007-11-15

Remarks Well last time I check 600eq 589ex 576 tu so it was worth a shot...
Comment 5 by danny23
Re User Icon on 2007-11-16

Remarks Thatnks I have not the best scores... High 5's low 6's with a repo 4 years ago, but everything else is good as far as paying... So I don't know, I quess we will see
Comment 6 by pamela2
Hi Danny23 User Icon on 2007-11-20

Remarks I was to denied twice for the hooters card within a 2 months period and I got a denial letter in the mail the first time I was denied and then the second time I didn't get a letter and about 2 weeks later I got the card to my surprise with a 1000.00 credit limit. So don't give up ok?
Comment 7 by danny23
Aproved Or Denied ? User Icon on 2008-08-08

Remarks I was wondering if anyone has gone through this? I applied for this card last week and I got a thing in the mail wanting a copy of my drivers licnece and social security card, I gave that to them, but still don't know if I am approved or decline.

TU: 648

Comment 8 by wildrage2
I'd Say Yes User Icon on 2008-08-08

Remarks If they are taking the time to verify your identity, I'm guessing the answer is 'approved.'
Comment 9 by meya
Hi Danny23 User Icon on 2008-08-08

Remarks I agree with wildrage2, when we hear members mention what you just stated, it is usually an approval pending for further processing.
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