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Written by: beanciapoo on 2007-11-12

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beanciapoo's review: Callout Comment First of all I am glad that I am approved. It says "Congratulations! You have been approved for a hooters Mastercard, subject to verification of the information provided on your application. If we need any additional information, we will notify you within the next 2 weeks. Once verification process has been satisfied, you will be issued your new cards." Can anyone tell me will I for sure have to send in my license and SS card? I will update you all on the process of the card. I just applied a few minutes ago. We'll see!!! :)


Comment 1 by tknoxjr
DEPENDS User Icon on 2007-11-12

Remarks I too was approved for this card and said the same thing, yeah you probaly will have too, it all depends, I think if you had a lot of recent inquiries on your report before you applied for this one, thay just want to make sure it is you applying for this card, sort of fraud protection, but once you do get the card make sure you read your fees, at the time when I applied I had a 658 score, and they gave me a 1k limit, which was more then I expected at the time, however the annual fee for me was $69 a year and a very high apr 29%, hope your fees will be lower, keep us posted and congrats on your approval
Comment 2 by adicus
Approved And Nervous User Icon on 2007-11-12

Remarks Beanciapoo your on a roll! Mostly likely you will be approved. I was given a $1,000 CL and a 28.7% APR.
Comment 3 by beanciapoo
Semi Update User Icon on 2007-11-12

Remarks I called today to chrck on my aplication. I was told by customer service that my credit limit was $500.00 She said she did not know about the annual fee. I was hoping that I did not get an annual fee. Do anyone have a $500.00 credit limit with an annual fee? Thanks for congratulating me. I will get back with you guys soon as I receive my card in the mail
Comment 4 by adicus
Approved And Nervous User Icon on 2007-11-13

Remarks I was charged a $39.00 annual fee. Not bad, but I have heard it can go up to $72.00.
Comment 5 by pamela2
Hi User Icon on 2007-11-13

Remarks It does go to $72.00 I had to pay that for my annual fee and my credit limit was $1000.00.
Comment 6 by casey
Hooters User Icon on 2007-11-13

Remarks I have the card with a $500 limit and NO annual fee. The card is okay, can't do much with $500. I have a Merrick Visa too, and my limit is $1600, go figure. Whatever...
Comment 7 by beanciapoo
Update User Icon on 2007-11-17

Remarks I did receive my card today and my credit limit is $500.00 and no annual fee. I was thinking there would be since the representative told me all of hooters card have annual fees. I knew she was lying cause I read on the reviews that some has them and some didn't. My scores were very low like below 600 because I have applied for so many cards. Percentage rate on this card is 24% In all I have got 15 new cards in a month. I think I have ran out now. I have to recooperate. !!! (smile) Not including the ones I been had. This stuff can be very addictive.
Comment 8 by janz1974
Approved Months Ago User Icon on 2007-11-20

Remarks Congrats!!! I was also approved for the Hooters MasterCard about six month ago - 1000 CL and no annual fee. Score at the time about 635 - high APR 21.9%.
Comment 9 by bramford
Stop The Madness! User Icon on 2008-01-06

Remarks Check the interest rate before accepting this card! If it is above 24% do not accept it.
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