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Written by: tknoxjr on 2007-11-08

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tknoxjr's review: Callout Comment I currently have one orchard bank card with a 400 limit, so I tried to apply for the HSBC credit card and was denied because already have too many accounts, so applied with this card and was approved instanly, for cl of 500 of course, so why do they let me have two accounts with orchard bank and cant get approved for the HSBC credit card. On their faq it says that you are only allowed one account per cardholder, so now I have 2 and also a HSBC discover which makes 3, I called customer service and asked why I was approved and she said you are allowed to have more then one account, so I asked if they could combine the two cards into one and have one account with a 900 limit and she said it will take 10 days for a descision, why would they approve me for 2 accounts but need time to combine, has anyone else had this problem as I will keep you posted on their descision


Comment 1 by pamela2
Re:TKNOXJR User Icon on 2007-11-08

Remarks Hi if you don't mind me asking did you have to pay any fees for the card or did it come with the whole $500.00 limit? Thanks for any information you can give me.
Comment 2 by bizz
That Makes Me Wonder User Icon on 2007-11-08

Remarks I have an orchard bank card that I got 2 weeks ago. I then got preapproval for 300 limit on 2 different HSBC cards. So then 2 more HSBC offers came in the mail and I was denied when I tried to go for one today, saying I have too many cards. They definately are rather strange with acceptance
Comment 3 by pamela2
Me 2 User Icon on 2007-11-08

Remarks I just applied for the 500.00 credit line card and they denied me 2 saying I had to many cards with them also.
Comment 4 by tknoxjr
Only Annual User Icon on 2007-11-08

Remarks The only fee that I am aware of is a $59 annual fee and a 39 rush processing fee if you choose to have your card in 3-5 days, the one card I have already has a 39 annual fee but that's the only fee I have
Comment 5 by pamela2
Thanks User Icon on 2007-11-08

Remarks Thanks for the info I applied but was denied (i have too many cards with them) I'm kinda glad they did deny me because I don't really need anymore cards I have 2 MasterCards 2 Visa's and 4 department store cards and that's enough for me.
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