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Written by: kristy on 2007-11-07

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kristy's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card about 3 weeks ago approved for ridicules limit of 70 bucks and credit increase every month for 30 bucks for the first 3 months then 50 bucks increase every month after that. After a year the increase will go up to 100 or 200 hundred every month witch ever they want to give. The fees for this card for me is 20.00 bucks a month for the monthly maintenance fee that's its no annual fee no account opening fee just 20.00 bucks a month it would be a good deal if the limit were 300 hundred considering a lot of other cards are like 250 just to start and a 10.00 dollar monthly maintenance fee etc... But I cant see paying 20.00 bucks a month for a card that only has 70.00 bucks on it. So I'm not gonna be opening this account ill wait till they offer me a better offer down the road. The card did come quickly. Although I would recommend this card with a higher limit offer. I have another card from this company (first bank of Delaware). And I like the company never had no problems canceling this card or any problems using my other card. And they do report monthly to the credit bureaus.

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