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Written by: steve-o on 2007-11-05

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steve-o's review: Callout Comment I was approved for this card... I received this card in the mail and called to find out the limit... They only gave me a 100 dollar limit... I said to the lady, "what am I suppose do with this buy a shirt". I asked for a limit increase to at least 500 but they refused saying I had to build a rep with them... They told me I would get a increase in three months but that wasn't good enough for me... I told them to cancel my card... They did I cut up the card and that is it..

The savings are good for this card and if you can get a better limit I would recommend it...


Comment 1 by eric
CL On Macy's User Icon on 2007-11-29

Remarks I can see where your coming from on this but they are right they increase your line after 3 months as long as you bought something, paid it off and then waited the other 2 months out... They usually double or triple your CL... I got $300 to start in April 2007 when I opened my card... I have 1k limit now and Ive used the card 2 times for a total of $130. So patience is virtue.
Comment 2 by marli
You Made A Big Mistake!!! User Icon on 2008-01-12

Remarks I started w/ a CL of $200 in May. Now, it 6K. 2k on my revolving. 1K on my deferred, and3K on my jewelry account. You should reapply and give them a chance. Their right, wants you show them loyalty. It's truly golden!
Comment 3 by meya
Im Lost User Icon on 2008-01-12

Remarks So ar you saying that you have three seperate accounts with them? I thought they have two different cards, the Visa and store card. I know that store cards upgrade, but doesn't that mean that the new card replaces the old? Please let me know, I am lost and confused on this one.
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