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Written by: janz1974 on 2007-11-05

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janz1974's review: I was approved for 4000 CL and I am transferring 2200 of higher interest cards. My score at the time was about 635 when approved. Highly recommend this card to everyone. Card has 0% interest for 12 months plus 5% cashback awards.


Comment 1 by beanciapoo
Congratulations on 2007-11-07

Congratulations on your new card. I hope you enjoy all the benefits that comes with the card.
Comment 2 by janz1974
CL DECREASED on 2007-11-20

I was originally approved for 4000 cl but Discover dropped it to 2700 after a cash advance (very small $50.00) that I took out because I left my debit card at home by mistake. I called customer service and was very disappointed when they told me why the cl was decreased.
Comment 3 by eric
Wow on 2008-01-24

Wow... They decreased the CL by 1300 because of a cash advance? Thats jacked up.
Comment 4 by meya
Good Lord on 2008-01-24

I am with you on that one Eric. I think I would be some mad that I will close the account. What if you were stranded or something? Will they reduce your cl for that also? Jessuuuus!
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