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Written by: diva on 2007-11-05

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diva's review: Yeah he was really approved for 500.00 credit line I'm glad now he can get rid of the excessive fee first premier card


Comment 1 by finance globe
Re: Diva on 2007-11-05

Hi Diva, who was approved? Not really sure of what you are trying to say about the First Premier card. Thanks.
Comment 2 by diva
Ref Fg on 2007-11-05

My dh was approved and his first priemier card had 120 in yearly fees now he can canceled that one and leave the fees behind
Comment 3 by finance globe
Re: Diva on 2007-11-05

Thanks for the clarification, should have seen that. Sounds like a good starter card, but I think that this will be a limited offer/trial from HSBC. Please post updates!
Comment 4 by yoyo11
Payment Reporting on 2008-05-04

Hello, for some reason... This card company did not report my March and April Payments... What the heck is going on? Every other card has March and my balance is low on this card it's not showing on my credit report... Credit score..

Any one else having this problem? I have two cards with them... With no March and April payment reporting...
Comment 5 by hjm331
Give Them Some Time on 2008-05-04

They are pretty slow when it comes to reporting. They're always a month behind.
Comment 6 by meya
They Are Slow on 2008-05-04

Yes, HJM331 is correct, they are slow about posting payments. Just make sure that it is on time because they are quick to put that on your credit report.
Comment 7 by lindalu
I Was Thinking In The Same Thing on 2008-05-04

I noticed the same thing!!! I have 3 accounts with them...1 reported March and the 2 haven't reported since feb!!!

does this keep our score down??? As far as lowering our utilization and the points for on time payments??

I notice you are trying to rebuild your credit too and we really need these reported... I have a card with legacy (first national) and imagine... They are both those cards that give you low cl and charge astronomical fees to initiate card and a monthly fee but they both report within a few days... Hooters reported my payment right away too... I might call HSBC and ask why or at least email them... I also noticed the didn't report one of my payments to equifax... What is up with that too???
Comment 8 by yoyo11
Hmm on 2008-05-05

Finance globe said that I should have put this on the forum pagess... Sorry!! It's a question, not a review.
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