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Written by: bc8787 on 2019-02-01

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bc8787's review: I have had this card since 2009 since Discover was the issuer/ now its SYNC and I don't understand them. They will not give me a CLI and I received the letter today and it states "We cannot grant you a credit limit increase because we are not authorized to do so:" uhhh k? You are the bank for this card yes you are authorized lol/ does anyone know SYNC's algorithm? They are SUCH a weird bank.

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Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: No CLI? on 2019-02-01

What to say ... strange to say the least and I have NEVER seen such a lender comment before. Makes me think Walmart approves to Synchrony but, that seems even stranger?! Dropped all credit cards with Sync and Comenity a long time ago due to their policies (and I had no problems). Ran into this back room number for Wal-Mart Underwriting: 877-294-7548; 877-294-8770 (no idea if it is still valid). Can not find other back door numbers for them (they must have them). Sure can share your dissatisfaction on the response (nonsense).
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