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Written by: coconutman2385 on 2018-10-03

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coconutman2385's review: CO is a big bank and offers credit cards to some with less than good credit scores. That's fine. However charges made have taken up to 4 days to post making it impossible to pay balance after purchase. I do that to keep my utilization low or at nil. With BOA I can pay balance while charges are pending unlike with CapOne. Payment is slow to post also. Beware if you wait until near due date. This all seems like a setup to catch the unwary. Customer service is "ok" when you can reach them but now I cant call via Skype since my account is blocked when calling customer service for help or inquiry. I live overseas and have not had problems before with any bank I use. Only the "get a new cc" number works. Read get more fish. This card helped with my score but I will curtail my use of it while seeking an alternative. I will add that the rewards are good and I've had no problems while overseas.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Slow Posting on 2018-10-03

Years back Capital One had a spot in my card portfolio but what you just mentioned, coupled with their lacking customer service and poor credit line increases I closed them (2009) and never looked back. There are many good fish in the sea, one only needs to explore what benefits a person wants. Will add, Cap1 did help me get my credit started and I do thank them for that.
Comment 2 by boobie1998
Re: Horrible on 2019-03-07

I don't waste my time with Capital One anymore. Poor service and pathetic increases....Move on....
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