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Written by: bc8787 on 2018-10-03

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bc8787's review: I applied for this card on 9/14. I didn't get an instant decision which is odd because I have excellent credit and always get instant decisions. It took them a week to call and tell me my application was flagged for a random fraud questionare. I completed it and she said they would follow up. It took up until today to let me know my card was coming in the mail. Unlike other lenders that send you an e mail with your credit line etc.... cap one doesn't. Was very generic. I called to asked about my CL right before 5 and was told their credit card underwriters leave at 4:30. MUST BE NICE!!! I am a CC underwriter for another large bank and we don't get off at 4:30.... guess I need to go work for cap one! They better had given me a large CL for all that hassle. My lowest CL is 12K so if I get it and its under that their is no reason to keep it open as I won't use it anyway. I have a login with them already because I have their credit wise service but it doesn't let me see this account yet.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Off To A NOT So Great Start on 2018-10-03

Now that you just took a hit in each of the three credit bureaus to obtain a card from Cap1 you may want to road test it and see if it can benefit you. Long a go I walked from Cap1 and have no regrets. With that said, they have brought out some pretty competitive card products. You might even be able to product change should a different card work better for you. Food for thought!
Comment 2 by bc8787
Re: Off To A NOT So Great Start on 2018-10-24

Update: received the card and I am pretty impressed. 21K line. Havent used it yet. We shall see with time how I like cap one.
Comment 3 by finance globe
Re: Off To A NOT So Great Start on 2018-10-26

I use 2 cards, my USAA Limitless Visa and this one. My 2 favorites for sure. The only thing about this card is that the stripe is opposite of the norm. Confusing at places like gas stations where it shows which way to slide the card! Great online experience with Cap1! Rewards are credited back to the balance automatically which to me is great not having to redeem them.
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