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Written by: thosearentmine on 2018-09-25

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thosearentmine's review: Callout Comment I signed up for the card when I was in Seattle shopping because they had an incentive of 40% off if I signed up for the card. I don't have a Macy's where I live but thought why not, I can get a lot of stuff and then just pay the card off. Well, I paid the card off according to my first statement, but then started getting calls from a number that I didn't answer because I didn't recognize it. Turns out I still owed $2.00 for apr that wasn't listed on the statement. I had actually called to get the final tally because I was afraid of this happening. Well, three months later, once I realized they were still trying to collect the $2.00 I paid, but now have a negative report (1 of 2) on my credit report. I had even called to talk to them and ask them to not report this - the girl on the phone was just a drone and didn't care - just told me to pay what I owed, and I didn't feel the love.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Accounting Error? User Icon on 2018-09-25

Remarks Unfortunate to say the least. You already know that. My understanding is that you are not reported as "late" until after 30 days. Sounds like you mentioned it was more than 30 days. It is a shame for $2.00! Sure can understand how something like this can happen. Over time I have read where people write letters or other communications to the Executive Offices of the card issuer and explain their case with some receiving positive results. Doubt they would have to remove a blight on your record but, they may do it under the heading of "Good Will". Some food for your thought.
Comment 2 by bc8787
Re: Accounting Error? User Icon on 2018-10-03

Remarks Its not an error unfortunately. I have dealt with this same thing with them. And if does say in their terms and conditions. Unlike most credit cards if you pay off the full balance before the next statement you have no interest. Not with DBNB. (Department stores national bank) If your finance charges equal less than 2.00 the min you will be charged is 2.00. So you could spend 200 on that card tomorrow.... pay it off the next day... and they will still hit you for the 2.00. I know because I have dealt with this with them. Ironically they closed this account a few days ago since I haven't used it since 2009. BIG LOSS. (extreme sarcasm) lol.
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: Accounting Error? User Icon on 2018-10-03

Remarks Interesting Terms & Conditions and then I see the name of a substandard financial institution "Department Stores National Bank" and that says it all, where paying to zero in the same statement period still incurs the minimum finance charge! That is so lame!!! So much for Macy's being such and upscale department store using a subprime credit card bank. Gave up department store credit cards four years ago as too much hassle. Also, had a Men's Warehouse card cancelled for "inactivity" after three years.
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