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Written by: dm on 2007-10-16

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dm's review: Callout Comment It's been a month since I was approved for this card and I have done three BT to take advantage of the 9 mos. 0%. I'm very happy with rewards: received my 5,000 points for enrolling and points on the BTs. I now have enough points to earn a $100 credit towards my next Travelocity purchase! I know some have had problems with Barclays/Juniper (the card issuer) but so far, I'm a fan!

Customer service is friendly and helpful.

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Comment 1 by frances
Better Than Most Bt's User Icon on 2007-10-18

Remarks DM, I have been hit every time that I transferred balances, and you get points 8-). I need to look into this before I transfer again. Good luck and thanks for the info!
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