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Written by: mikey4833 on 2018-05-25

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mikey4833's review: I had a Fico score of 629 when American Express pre-qualified me for 2 cards, one being their Premier Rewards Gold card and this Green card which I was approved for... I was in shock... I have a 9 year old Bankruptcy and 1 2-1/2 year old collections account and 7 charge offs from over 2 years 7 months ago when I got approved and 7 inquiries in last 12 months but total beyond 12 months was 16 which they did not count... The credit bureau they use is Experian... I was so surprised but I got approved as I had a $6,000 limit with Carecredit that helped I imagine get me approved as well. My father tried to get pre approved and his credit score is higher than mind (660) and higher but they declined him because I have 26 active credit accounts that makes my credit history Unique to say the least, most of them Comenity Bank credit accounts from shopping cart trick and also regular hard pulls (too many) . My dad only has 8 active accounts and a bankruptcy under 8 years old no baddies at all period that is why I was shocked I got this card. I thank American Express for taking a chance on me... i hope this review helps others consider applying for this green card as you can get it if your bankruptcy is over or almost 9 years old if you have one even with one collection account and charge offs long as they are older than 2 1/2 years and less than under 10 inquiries in past 12 months...


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: American Express Green Card on 2018-05-26

Truly amazing! Would have never guessed that American Express would approve. My BK7 goes back seventeen years. No AX cards. Even though the credit bureaus are clean the lenders internal files still exist. You did very well! :)
Comment 2 by boobie1998
Re: American Express Green Card on 2019-03-07

Congratulations. I have a green card too. I love it. No preset limit is nice. I'm hoping I can upgrade to Gold after my first year.... 6 months so far and no issues...I also Have their Everyday and Blue Cash cards....very happy to be with them.
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